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  1. silkysteph

    ED interview advice

    awesome, thanks for the great advice. buying those books right now:)
  2. silkysteph

    ED interview advice

    thank you so much. do you have a recommendation for a good website or book?
  3. silkysteph

    ED interview advice

    I just got an invitation to interview at ZSFGH, Level 1 Trauma Center. The interview includes case scenarios. What's your advice for me? How should I study and what should I study? Thanks
  4. silkysteph

    I feel stupid and useless

    thanks for all the wonderful responses. you have no idea how much reading this helps :)
  5. silkysteph

    I feel stupid and useless

    I'm a new grad RN four months into my first job at an Ambulatory Surgical Center. I feel I am an extra slow learner and that everybody hates me. I want to be excellent, so if I make even a tiny mistake, I feel stupid and useless, and I end up fearing for my job. Does anyone else ever feel like this?
  6. silkysteph

    friendship with patient after discharge?

    I am an RN at an ambulatory center for plastic surgery. One of my roles is to provide overnight care for post-op patients in the recovery suite. One of my patients and I got along very well during her overnight stay. After her discharge, she got my email address from our secretary and emailed me asking to keep in touch outside of my professional role. I would like to stay in contact with her, but I am not sure if this appropriate. I looked up the NMC Code of Conduct and researched the guidelines regarding nurse and patient relationships. My relationship with this patient is platonic, but the guidelines are written for those in sexual relationships. They state that a sexual relationship with a current patient is never okay (that's a no-brainer). And in the case of former patients, sexual relationships are "often found to be unacceptable." I feel like staying in contact with this previous patient is not inappropriate because she is a former patient, the relationship is non-sexual, and the fact that she had plastic surgery means that she is not ill, or by any means, vulnerable. The most that would come of this is a regular friendship between two women who happened to meet as nurse and patient. What do you all think?
  7. silkysteph

    Let's Learn About Sutures!

    thank you very much!
  8. silkysteph

    Emory Residency Program--your experience?

    thanks foe letting us know. Looks like I didn't get in then. haha. oh well
  9. silkysteph

    NICU at Trinity Health in Minot?

    Can anybody tell me about the NICU at Trinity Health? I have a phone interview scheduled for next week. Any advice on the interview would be great too.
  10. silkysteph

    Emory Residency Program--your experience?

    I got it too, and I'm also out of state. I don't think I'm going to go, but at the same time I'm wondering if showing up can help my chances? Maybe they consider the people showing up to be more serious.
  11. silkysteph

    Applying for RN jobs in Las Vegas from out of state

    I'm wondering the same thing. Did you end up finding work in LV?
  12. silkysteph

    New Grad Program - 3 year commitment?

    Ugh, It seems to be the norm these days. Initially, I thought "no way" to anything over a year, but I've become so desperate that I would sign on for three.
  13. silkysteph

    help writing "Reasons for Leaving"

    On the online applications "Reasons for Leaving" box, I simply write "I moved" or "inconvenient commute." Are these statements to brief?
  14. silkysteph

    Emory Residency Program--your experience?

    Sedem, I applied for the Perioperative track. Which one did you apply for?
  15. silkysteph

    Emory Residency Program--your experience?

    Funny, I checked my application status on the Emory website literally a second before you sent this. I'm still "under consideration." I'm applying all over the place. Trying to keep my options open.
  16. silkysteph

    Emory Residency Program--your experience?

    thanks sedem. I saw that one earlier today. glad to know how they interview, so I prepare accordingly in case I get an invitation. Best of luck to you!