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  1. by   jennypanic
    This is very interesting. Count me in.
  2. by   kenjisean
    i havent schedule my exam date. after all has been polish n through then i will be scheduling my exam. thanx by d way.
  3. by   suzanne4
    Quote from bebe13
    i used suzanne's plan and it helped me a lot being a foreign grad who reviewed on my own. i took the nclex last month. i did it the first time, by god's grace, and with 75 questions.

    hi ezbsn, i think suzanne is recommending the 3rd edition in her revised plan. are you a filipino? if you are, you can have a relative run to c&e bookstore in recto, manila and send it to you. that will be cheaper, i think. c&e also offers a philippine printed copy of that book, which is half the price of the original us print. it also goes with a cd practice questions.
    god bless!
    the philippine printed copy that is 1/2 the price cannot be shipped out of pi. more than likely it will be confiscated.

    it is quite odd that there is a version that is 1/2 the price of the us copy but it is also that same price in australia, singapore, thailand, and malaysia (us price). do not trust that it is a legal copy. the book is the us price all over the world.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Quote from ezbsn
    [color=olive]what if you only have the 2nd ed of saunders? is that ok? :uhoh21: ( because i'm foreign educated and presently working in the me, amazon doesnt ship ordered books to this country..)
    [color=#808000]any advise?
    second edition is quite old. there are none of the new format questions in that book.

    suggest that you have a family member order it for you and then send it to you.
  5. by   EzBSN
    Quote from aquarian
    hi! i purchased my saunders' comprehensive book 3rd ed. from amazon, and have them shipped to manila. though it'll take time, like 2-4 weeks. when is your exam? much as i want to lend you mine, it's quite messy now.
    i really appreciate your support.. and thank you.:icon_hug:
    anyhow as ms.suzanne has suggested, i'll just ask a friend to buy one for me asap..
    [color=#556b2f]i'll have my exam not later than july this year...
    [color=#556b2f]maybe i'll just have to finish the book since i started it already..just to refresh some knowledge..
  6. by   Aquarian
    You're welcome, EzBSN !
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    check out our websites amazon link: https://allnurses.com/nursingbooks/shop.php

    left side has link to: test preparation & review
    can look at many books and test materials to decide which is right for you.

    i used a saunders books to pass lpn in 1977 and later rn exam in 1982 in paper and pencil days so it has stood the "test of time" in being great resource and is constantly updated.
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  8. by   chris2227
    I recently become a member of this forum and will be using the plan susan is willing to share. Heard lot of success stories, want to be a part of that success on my 3rd try.
  9. by   pyerac
    hi!! im a graduating student here in the philippines and is preparing for our NLE this june... at the same time i'm also planning to use suzanne's plan.. i hope it works for NLE too..
  10. by   Telenurse714
    i used suzanne's plan for nclex-rn and i passed with 88 questions!!!!!
    her plan really works but, you have to follow the plan and give yourself enough time to follow it.
    :spin: thanks so much suzanne!!!!!
  11. by   GramsDoll3
    I am going to start using Suzanne's plan this week. Hope it helps.
  12. by   deensy

    Would you recommend the plan 4 me. I already took the NCLEX exam for New Jersey and passed,but want to get licenced in Illinois (am unable to go route of Licence by Endorsement!) Long story..
  13. by   karylle
    Hi to all!

    Could anyone here tell me how to order 'Suzanne Study Plan'? Thanks. God bless us all.
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