When to Start U-World

  1. I *knock on wood* will be graduating early June of next year. I want to schedule my NCLEX asap. I am certain I want to use U-World as part of my prep. If money is not an issue, how early would you start U-World prior to graduation? 3 months? Is 6 months too early? Or should I just save it for after graduation?

    My school uses ATI, and we will be doing ATI's all through our final trimester (starts March 11) and will participate in ATI NCLEX prep/review since its included in our tuition.

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  3. by   Neo Soldier
    U world costs about $100 the first time you buy it and it's not a lifetime thing so after a month, you don't have access unless you renew. I would recommend using U world a month before you take the NCLEX.
  4. by   MsGinnyRN
    Last i checked, you can also buy a 60 day Uworld Qbank + assessment test 1 for $139; 90 day Qbank + assessment test 1 and 2 for $159 and 180 day Qbank + AT 1&2 for $199. You can also buy a 1 year or 2 year's worth of Qbank. Hope this helps.
  5. by   Lipoma
    I think studying for the nclex 6 months out from graduation is overkill. The NCLEX is hard but it's not impossible to pass the first time of you're US or Canada trained. I graduated in Aug, took 2 weeks off to decompress, and then studied for 11 days unsing Kaplan. I passed on 10/1. Start studying once yoy graduate and schedule to take it the earliest you're allowed to.