What's the real deal with Quick Results???

  1. Last year when I took my NCLEX PN on Friday October 13 the results were up by Sunday, if I remember correctly. I know they'd told me last year it'd take two business days, but it did go up over the weekend.

    Which is why in order not to inconvenience my wife during the week, and avoid issues with childcare arrangements, I did not have a problem taking it on a Saturday (again, October 13th of this year) because I figured the results would be up by Monday. I called Pearson Vue, and spoke to someone in a call center (overseas), and they said I'd know on WEDNESDAY.

    This is agonizing. For those in a quick results state, with a weekend near your test date, how long did it take? What's the real deal? I thought I'd read someone say that the computers never sleep, so they do process things over the weekend.

    I've got OCD, ordinarily well controlled with my meds, but this level of anxiety combined with the angst of not knowing if I shut off at 75 because I knew something or knew nothing, it's really making it difficult for me to function. My mind is running away with itself and am having a hard time here.

    I am sure the best thing for me to do would be something other than sitting here hitting refresh over and over on the Pearson Vue website and checking and rechecking my BON of website.

    I hope that I never have to do this ever again. So what's the real deal for quick results being posted? Weekend included? Two business days like they said??? Argh!!! :uhoh21:

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  3. by   ukstudent
    I and my classmates did nclex this past June/July. All in the same quick result state. Some got results from pearson at 48 hrs, several did not and had to wait another day. Some got the results from the state board prior to being available from pearson, while with some it took longer from both the state and pearson. This probably has not been that helpful to you. But I wanted you to know that the extra delay (although killing you) does not mean you failed. More than likely if you are feeling this bad you passed. Please let us know when you know, there are a lot of people that are pulling for you after reading your story.
  4. by   abundantjoy07
    My understanding is this.

    If you take the test on a Saturday you have to wait until the weekend passes...Saturday and Sunday.
    Then the business days start and processing begins. Monday is the first 24 hours. Tuesday is the second 24 hours. So that's 48 hours.
    Answers are up on Wednesday.

    I don't remember the day I took the NCLEX...I do know it was a weekday. And still it was agonizing for me to wait on the quick results. I was just thankful my state had Quick Results.