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  1. I took the NCLEX RN for the third time today. Got 75 questions. Got 1 math question. Got 1 check out all that apply. Got some priority but not as much as last time. Seemed to get alot of "easy" questions. I really feel like I flew through it this time. Oh, and quite a few medicine questions.

    What do you think my chances of passing this time are?
    Has anyone failed with 75 questions? If so, what were your questions like?

    Please help....I am freaking out!
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  3. by   stressgal
    I passed with 75 questions, have never heard of anyone failing at 75. It sounds as if you were really prepared! Good luck and best wishes. I know the waiting is the worst part.
  4. by   PACU queen
    I also got a few of the questions like " community nurse recieves 4 phone calls..who do you assess first?" kinda thing. I got one of those in the first 20 questions...are these harder questions?
  5. by   RNKay31
    No one cn give you that assurance, but best wises to you
  6. by   Nursing28
    Hi stressgal,

    There are a lot of people failing at 75 questions. The number does not tell you if you pass/fail. People pass or fail at all sorts of numbers.
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    I actually had a friend I graduated with who failed at 75. Definitely not making you feel bad or anything. But realistically and on a brighter note , more people pass than fail at the minimum. Also the number of questions does not mean anything, but hopefully you did better this time around. Best of luck!
  8. by   EricJRN
    People do fail at all numbers of questions, just as people pass at all numbers of questions. For a first-time, US-educated candidate, the chance of passing is ~85%, regardless of where the exam stops. While the numbers aren't as good for repeat testers, plenty do still make it. We do wish you lots of luck.
  9. by   BabyRN2Be
    PACU Queen:

    I know that you are stressed awaiting your results from the NCLEX. Try to keep in mind some things that Eric has said (if you are a non-foreigned trained nurse, you have 85% chance of passing the first time).

    You may want to read the sticky above entitled: "Waiting for your results on the NCLEX? Read here first!" It might be very helpful to you.

    Best of luck!