What are you going to do after you pass NCLEX? I'M GOING TO DISNEY LAND

  1. :hatparty: it is with great joy that i inform the everyone that has listened to me worry and dread-----i passed! first try and 75 questions.........yippy! thank you everyone for your all advise and prayers! to those who have not taken the test yet, and or have failed, you can do this!!!!!!! i used saunders and many many test question banks. it's all in the question the test is asking (unless it's a lab value, this you must know). is it an assessment or intervention? what will the best outcome for your patient be? what is the least invasive? rule out what is not the right answer and narrow it down to the two that are most correct, then ask what will happen to this patient if i pick this answer? i laid my hands on the computer and prayed over each question. i took 5 deep breaths before even looking at the question, then read it over 5 times making sure i understood what the question was asking, then looked at the possible answers. i ruled out the wrong answers and re-read the question again. if i had no idea of the answer, i asked myself, "what would do the least harm to my patient and what could possible harm my patient if i did this?" then, i picked the best outcome. i also pictured the situation in my mind when it came to position questions and in my mind saw the body and where things where located, then picked the position that would have the best outcome for my patient. if i became to stressed out while taking a question, i sat back and again took 5 deep breaths and reminded myself, "you can do this". i believe it is mostly in understanding the type of question that is being asked. always assess before intervention, always. best of all-you have the knowledge needed to answer the question if you make yourself relax prior to answering the knowledge will come out. you must relax, however you do it is up to you, but it must be done!
    thanks again everyone and god bless you all,

    j. dehnert rn
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    Congratulations Nurse Dehnert!

    As soon as I pass the NCLEX I'm firing off my resume to get a job and start working to pay off the debt I've accumulated in school!
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    When I pass my NCLEX (hopefully Friday) I am going to give my house a top to bottom cleaning that it hasn't seen since I started back to school 3.5 years ago. I am going to relax and enjoy my holidays, I got a job before I graduated and I don't start until January 8. It is time to relax for a bit.
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    Congratulations new RN!
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