Waiting is torture!

  1. I think waiting to get your results is worse than taking the test. I might call my dr. to get some Lexapro. Completely joking. Do others feel the same way?

    Also, that last question before the test shut off, if only I was confident about the answer. I would feel so much better. It's torture!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   youknowho
    I don't seem to remember any questions. Its a blur. I hope I got some correct but it sure doesn't feel that way. It is torture. a burning hot stick in the gut would feel better:uhoh21:
  4. by   pkin22
    Haha! I couldn't agree more. I actually didn't think about it for an hour or so today and it felt sooooo good. I have less than 24 hours before I learn my fate.
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  6. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    I took my NCLEX yesterday and it FIGURES that I'd get the full 265 questions. I'm freaking out over here. My school has had a 100% pass-rate on the boards for the past few years and I HOPE I'm not the one to screw it up. The difficulty level was high and I know I got the last question right, so that eases the discomfort a little. Honestly, though. I would rather pierce my eyelids with rusty nails than take that wretched thing again!!! AGGGGGGH!!!
  7. by   pkin22
    I second that! My school has been very successful as well, until me I'm sure.
  8. by   pkin22
    It's done, it's over.....I passed. Thanks a bunch! And good luck to everyone, i'll be thinking about you.
  9. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    :hatparty:Congratulations!!!! Hopefully I'll have the same news in a couple of days!!!
  10. by   pkin22
    Thanks, I have my fingers crossed for you.
  11. by   youknowho
    Quote from pkin22
    Thanks, I have my fingers crossed for you.
    Oh, cross them for me too as I await my fate.
  12. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Thanks, Pkin22!!! Youknowho---my fingers are crossed for you, too! We're in the same boat. How many questions did you take and what day was your exam?
  13. by   pkin22
    I have my fingers crossed for everyone, I know how awful it is.
  14. by   melnursgrad
    Hi, I took my NCLEX yesterday in MD , and I felt like I was going to vomit! I thought I was prepared and took a 3 day review class and I am a strong B student, but I had never heard of most of the meds on that exam. I had a lot of med questions, a lot of priorty questions and I stopped at 75. Psyc and thyroid function was also included a lot. I find out tomorrow around 9 am and I will just die if I failed. I have worked so hard at this along with working and raising 3 young kids. I find all of your comments extremely comforting. Congrats to those who passed! I have a friend who took it on Wed and she went the whole 265 and found out today she passed. Congrats to S.H.! Thanks for everyone's support!