V-day is my doomsday...NCLEX!!!

  1. So I'm taking the NCLEX on Friday-valentine's day. I didn't want to take it then (I don't have a bf or anything, it's just that it's a cosmically bad day for me period, and I don't want to fail the NCLEX!!!), but the nearest date other than that was in March.

    I'm in a weird program here in Jacksonville, kind of a pilot, for a bachelors. I just graduated with an ADN in December, and will get my BSN in August, provided I pass the NCLEX the first time. In this program, I have to be licensed by March 7th (which begins transition II and you have to be an RN at that point).

    So not only am I a full-time student right now, and working, I have been studying for the NCLEX the past month!

    *And here's my problem: I have major ADHD. I don't know if I believe in that diagnosis (shrinks have been saying I have it since I was a kid), and I'm on medication for it, and it helps. But taking practice tests-for the first 70-80 questions, I try to think through the question, and apply Kaplan strategies, etc. Then after that, for the next 80-90 questions, I get so anxious and just don't want to sit down anymore, I just say "F&$% IT!" and I just read the question once, pick and answer and move on.

    I get more RIGHT with an I-don't-care attitude than when I read through it thoroughly!! But I can't just walk in the room and just not care about it! I have to pass the first time to stay in this program, and I hope I get the minimum questions, since I can't physically or mentally handle anymore than that!

    Blah, that was a long rant, I needed to de-stress. So while you're at a v-day dinner with your honey, just remember I'm in hell at a testing center!!!!
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  3. by   researchrabbit
    I'll be thinking about you...hope you breeze through it!

    Maybe you overthink the question, then when you get tired, go with your gut -- which means you internalized more in nursing school than you think you did. (just a thought)
  4. by   NurseDennie
    jidijenny - It's not your doomsday - it's just NCLEX day. Rest well, keep hydrated, be as calm as you can.

    It sounds like it might just work out fine for you - you might get turned off at 75 or whatever the minimum number is and Pooof! You're done. I'm hoping for that for you!


  5. by   Bonnie Blue
    I'm taking Nclex on 19th. Our Kaplan instructor said to pace yourself. Do 50 questions and then take a break. Stretch, deep breathing, you can even step out of the room for a minute or two. Then go back and do another 50, if you even have to do that many. Good luck!
  6. by   jedijennie
    Thanks for the advice, I like it...I just get so anxious and want to get up and move and just not think anymore when taking tests. I might have to take a break every 30 questions!!!

    Good luck on the 19th. I wanted to take it then, but like I said earlier, I'm still a fulltime student in this weird BSN program, and I have class on Wednesday, so it was either the 14th or wait till March! So I'm taking it Friday...blah
  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    Your program does sound unusual. Why do you have to pass the NCLEX before you get your BSN? I'm in a one year accelerated 2nd degree BSN program, so I guess my program is weird too, because we all already have bachelor's degrees and are doing all the nursing stuff in 12 months. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  8. by   Mkue
    Good Luck Friday, be positive, relax and do your best !
  9. by   jedijennie
    Originally posted by EmeraldNYL
    Why do you have to pass the NCLEX before you get your BSN? I'm in a one year accelerated 2nd degree BSN program, so I guess my program is weird too, because we all already have bachelor's degrees and are doing all the nursing stuff in 12 months.
    We don't have degrees or anything...it's a pilot program. We take clinicals at the community college here and class at the university-so we end up with a bachelors degree in the end. They are trying to pump out moe bachelor prepared nurses, but the universities are full (ours had 300+ applicants for 36 spotss!) Some people say we have a nursing shortage because not enough people are applying, but that's not true. They just don't have enough room. So if this program works they might implement it other places.

    So far it has sucked! Of course, I'm in the first group,and we had to hit all the bumps going to 2 schools and whatnot, taking the boards while we're in school...it's been extremely hard, and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone to be honest. It sucked...was not worth it.

    Hope that clarifies a tad
  10. by   ggfifirn05
    Jennie -

    I'll have you in my thoughts & prayers Friday, but I know you'll pass. I'm here in Jax too; I'm going to pm you, to find out more of the details about this program. Sounds interesting, despite the fact that you said it sucked!

    Best of luck on Friday!
  11. by   MelRN13
    Good luck! When I took NCLEX-PN I also scored low on the practice tests, but passed the real thing. Get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and relaxed. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
  12. by   Mkue
    Tomorrow is the BIG day... you will do great !!

    Good Luck !
  13. by   jedijennie
    I'm really thinking the powers that be are telling me to not take this test:

    My friends don't understand English! I'm crying right now, stressed out: I told them do not call me till Friday afternoon, no matter what. So one of them have been bugging me all week about arrangements for our spring break-and she's an LPN! She should know more than anyone NOT to bug me the week of my NCLEX, and I'm super behind in school, and work is taking up time. So I had a breakdown Wednesday night, whch was the last time she called me.

    Then tonight: another friend calls me (who I havent' spoken to in 2 weeks, and I kinda figured something was wrong, but I wasn't going to call him till after my test, so I can then worry about the thing that was wrong). He wishes me luck, I say thanks, and how's it going...he replies, "not so good, the cats escaped, and were missing for a 2 weeks, Sylvester is pretty messed up, limping..." (these cats are our friend Jim's, who died in a car crash in October, and I feel responsible-being a vegan and humane society volunterr-to take care of my dead friends cats, and they escaped and were hurt!!!!) So he goes on to talk about them, and I start crying, and then I was made, and I just told him I'd call tomorrow.

    So I started crying really bad, then I called another friend to calm me down. She answered her cell, "oh S&#T!! I just hit a pole!!!" she hung up and called me back a minute later, she's ok, but her new car is messed up.

    Then I logged online, 2 minutes later I hear glass break and an, "OH S$#T!!!" come from my kitchen. My roomate slit her finger on glass.

    This all happend within the past 2 hours...I'm thinking it's a bad omen, but I can't cancel or reschedule now, you have to give them 24 hrs notice...blech...
  14. by   jedijennie
    OH-so it's 1:30 am now, 10.5 hours till IT...and my roomie just FLOODED OUR APARTMENT!!! The entire living room and kitchen-I can't get to the washer, but I think a pipe burst!!!! Dude, this ain't right, I'm not exagerating-it is FLOODED! Like one big puddle!

    You would think she woulda noticed that it took 30 minutes to fill the washer tub thing...it usually takes 4-5min...UGGHGHGHGGHGH