Uworld percentile rank vs median rank

  1. Hi guys,

    I am taking the NCLEX in 6 days and I was wondering if my percentile is a good reflection of how I will do on the exam.

    I am in the 80th percentile and the current median is the 48th percentile.

    I know this is above average, but how accurate is this rank? Is this a good indicator that I will do well on the NCLEX?

    Any answers/ advice is greatly appreciated, I am just a bundle of nerves over here!
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  3. by   KierstenElizabeth
    I think it sounds good.

    Basically most people fall in the 48th percentile. (so people are getting around half the questions right.

    You are at the 80th percentile, which means you are doing better than 80% of the people doing questions. Or, you are getting more than just half right.

    I am with you. I finished in the 84th percentile, with a high and very high chance of passing on both of my assessments. I got about 63% of the test bank right on the first try. I am terrified of taking it (tomorrow) but at this point, I think it is just a moot point. I just have to go do it. LOL... I also did the Hurst Live review and I read the hurst book again this week to brush up on stuff. My nerves are my biggest hang up. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. by   lb1216
    Thank you so much for your helpful response! It seems like we are in exactly the same boat hahaha

    Good luck today on the NCLEX! I'm sure you're going to kill it, it sounds like you're doing really well with UWorld. Let me know how it goes!!

    Everything you said makes a lot of sense and I think my nerves are what's throwing me off the most. Even if I end up passing on monday I know that part of me won't even truly believe it until it sinks in LOL.

    You got this!!!!!!!!
  5. by   KierstenElizabeth
    I did it!

    So, it was the weirdest most vague test. Lots of SATA, multiple choice, one who would you see first, one EKG strip, and one order response. It wasn't awful, it was just so weird, like what you would teach at a conference, or SATA that wanted info on what to tell the person about the new diagnosis. It wasn't what I expected. A couple of pediatric & OB questions, but mostly good topics. My nerves got the better of me, and at question 35 I started crying. LOL... silently. I just felt like I wasn't getting any priority questions, but SATA must have been helping me. At 75 it shut off and I sat there looking at the computer like, really?? LOL... I just felt like I failed. I was so upset, I left in tears. Cried to my husband and mom...and told them I was so sorry I failed. Had the stomach ache that killed me all night, but I got up yesterday morning...and my husband walked into our bedroom and gave me the thumbs up. He had told me all night, that it was fine, and my entire class (who had passed) had said I would feel like that. I passed. I PASSED! LOL!! The VA BON posted my name at 8:58 am.

    So, don't overthink it. My scores were just like yours, and you will feel awful during the test. Don't worry. Just answer like it is your Uworld quiz.

    You will do fabulous!!! Come back and tell me! You got this!
  6. by   dikh67
  7. by   lb1216
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!!!!

    I feel like we are the exact same person because I had the exact same experience hahaha. I was so afraid to click next on question 75 because I really wanted it to be done but then it shut off at 75 and I was like nooo I wasn't ready!! I felt like I had done terribly and immediately went home and drank mimosas with my best friend and boyfriend. I checked this morning and I PASSED!!

    I feel so bad for future NCLEX takers because some of those sample question templates were so weird! I'm glad we got it out of the way before they implement them.

    We are done! Good luck with everything and thanks for all your help! WE ARE NURSES!!!!!!!!
  8. by   KierstenElizabeth
    OH YAY!! I am so glad to read this! Congratulations!!
  9. by   dorkiexcici
    Congrats to both of you ladies!!!

    I will be taking mine on August 8.

    Could you explain about the future nclex takers and the sample question templates? I'm totally confused and scared now.
  10. by   lb1216
    Don't worry, you will do great!! I hope you update us when you find out your results!

    The sample questions won't affect your NCLEX. When the test shuts off you get a screen telling you that you finished and that the next questions won't affect your score. Then you get some sample questions that they might implement in the coming years if test takers do well on them. They are formatted differently than the current SATA, multiple choice and ordering questions. They're basically having us sample possible templates to see how they go over with test takers.

    They were pretty hard, so I'm glad they don't affect our scores! They also may never end up implementing them if the test takers do poorly on them, which I definitely did.

    I hope I didn't make you too nervous! These sample questions are not graded and do not impact your score at all so you will be totally fine. I used UWorld and found the questions and format to be very similar to the NCLEX and that helped me a lot.

    Again, good luck and we are all rooting for you! You got this!
  11. by   PearlRN7
    Congrats on passing. Could you give me advice on what you did to pass? I recently took it and did not pass so I will be taking it again. I feel like a complete failure.