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For anyone reading this, I just want to say, no matter where you are in your nurinsg career, Don't Give Up!....No matter what the odds are against you, its not about that, it's all about you pushing through and believe.  

I just passed my FNP ANCC exam today!  Now and while in FNP school I'm a mom of 3, RN full-time and going through a divorce.  So getting through school needless to say was rough.  I didn't feel like I soaked the information I felt like I just got by.  I graduated in May, wanted to take my boards right away but with anxiety, procrastination, work and family matter along with children I kept putting it off.  I finally got it together, scheduled my exam. I started with the Leik book, it was OK but so much info.  I got UWorld because it helped me pass NCLEX with flying colors, so while and work 30 days before I started answering questions.  I wanted to get to at least 20 a day and sometimes only got 2 a day...lololol.....3 weeks before the exam I decided I needed someone to talk me through this.  I researched and decided to invest in the crash course of Sarah Michelle.....Amazing.  I would suggest,  If I had to choose one, Sarah Michelle crash course was amazing...listen to it over and over again.  The topics are straight to the point and definitley seen on the exam.  UWorls would be the second, but if you can purchase both, get both UWorld for the questions and SM for the content.  UWorld had amazing questions.  The questions on UWorld really prepared me for the exam.  Honeslty if you only did UWorld, answer the questions and read the rationals for each answer, you are golden.  Last the Leik book.  It's so much info.  Don't get caught up in it, focus on the pertient stuff and look at the clinical pearls and exam tips.  You will do great!  The hard part is school.  Believe in yourself...NO MATTER WHAT!  YOU ARE AMAZING!

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