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Clinical Med Math works for nursing students, here's why...

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Clinical Med Math, the newest QBank released by the UWorld Nursing team, is designed to assist nursing students and practicing nurses to develop the medication dosage calculation skills and clinical judgment they need for safe practice.  Using an online, application-based platform; UWorld leverages innovative technology and clinical and educational expertise to create challenging unfolding clinical scenarios that aim to promote better understanding and application of knowledge and superior performance both clinically and academically.

See what Cindy, one of our own allnurses members, has to say after reviewing this helpful product.

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Looks to be helpful. Especially with most RN programs requiring 100% pass rate on dosage calculations exams.


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Another "Dosage Calculation Product" that will solve the student's problems! Besides testing do they teach drug calculations? If they provide rationales for 'wrong' answers are the questions multiple choice? Anyone can write a test and give labels etc. and write a program that delivers the type of questions the student wants.  The true measure is can they teach it?

I have always said if I could teach and test dosage calculations that guarantee students passing the requisite tests I could retire a millionare before the year ends.