uWorld for NCLEX prep, need advice.

  1. Hey everyone,

    As stated in the title, I am currently using uWorld for NCLEX prep. Yesterday, I scheduled my NCLEX which is on January 23rd. I have been studying for about a week and by the time I take NCLEX I will have 3 weeks of studying done.

    I am doing roughly 75-120 questions a day and reading the rationales of the ones I miss and the ones I get correct, but wasn't 100% sure of.

    I am scoring generally in the 55-60% range with an occasional 70-75%. I do 20 questions at a time and I am currently sitting at the 58th percentile with the normal average being at the 48th percentile. I had a couple friends of mine tell me they were also scoring low arounds 50-60's and that uWorld considers that "good."

    I am starting to stress because first off, I have never scored so low on any exam in nursing school. In fact, I am an A-B student (mainly A's) and graduated honors with a 3.75 GPA.
    A lot of people stress me out when it comes to the NCLEX and of course like everyone else, I am very scared to fail.

    My question to you all is, if you used uWorld, what percentages were you getting? What percentile rank were you in? Did you pass at your first attempt? and lastly, do you recommend uWorld for NCLEX prep?

    Thank you in advance for anyone that answers. I am so stressed out and would love some reassurance.
    Xox Alex
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  3. by   umbdude
    Quote from Alexx_xox

    My question to you all is, if you used uWorld, what percentages were you getting? What percentile rank were you in? Did you pass at your first attempt? and lastly, do you recommend uWorld for NCLEX prep?

    Thank you in advance for anyone that answers. I am so stressed out and would love some reassurance.
    Xox Alex
    Yes, if you're getting 55-60% on average, you should be able to pass, especially if your self-assessment exam gives your chance of passing of "high or very high." UWorld, imo, has the best and hardest questions. It doesn't really teach you tricks (eg, Kaplan), just good old knowledge and critical & analytical thinking.

    I used UWorld and passed on 1/23/17 at 75 questions. I highly recommend UWorld. I did 1,775 questions over about 3.5 weeks plus the self-assessment exam (near the end of my prep). My average was 73% at 96th percentile and my self-assessment exam was 76% at 97th percentile.

    One suggestion is to sit down and do at least 75 questions at one take (not 20), then carefully review, (this takes about 3 hours). You need to build the endurance of sitting down and be able to focus on doing at least 75 questions. Keep in mind that you might have to go over the 75 questions. I also re-do questions I got wrong or was unsure of after a couple days to make sure that I got the concepts.

    School exams aren't reliable because they are made up by teachers and the difficulty varies. Use standardized testing tools such as ATI and HESI to gauge how well you are compared to the national standard. That's a far better assessment of where you stand.

    Good luck. I think you'll be fine.
  4. by   Alexx_xox
    I am about 600 questions in total right now and I have noticed that I have been doing much better than I was when I originally started.

    Also, I have not redone any questions that I have gotten wrong yet, I have only been doing questions that are unused. I hear if you do the ones you got wrong for a second time it ups your percentage, but I am trying to get a real percentage of how I am doing versus redoing questions I got wrong which will up my percentage because I will now get them correct.

    My goal is to finish all the questions before the exam which is in 2 weeks!! Also on Jan 23rd, like you!! What a coincidence. I am so stressed about this exam, as I'm sure a lot of people are. Did you try the PVT test after taking it?
  5. by   dianav
    Hey girl!

    I follow on insta. I am using UWorld too. I'll be taking nclex in February! I am getting the same scores. Low 60's on my practice tests and in the 76th percentile. Freaking me out a bit, but from what I've seen and heard this is normal and we should be ok!
  6. by   Alexx_xox
    Hey Girl!! First and foremost, thanks so much for following. My friend just found out today that she passed the NCLEX and her average was 55-65% on every exam and she took one assessment that said very likely to pass and she did!!! Have you taken any assessments? I am taking my first one tomorrow, but I seriously think we will be okay, I am praying.
  7. by   cchaun
    I used Uworld exclusively to study for the NCLEX. I took mine Jan. 8 and I passed.
    I had Uworld since October so I've been using it to study for school as well. I've only used 700 questions before I took the exam. I was at 60%-76th percentile. Took the first assessment Jan 6= 60%, 63rd percentile. 2nd assessment Jan. 7= 69%, 91st percentile. Both very high chance of passing.

    I was originally going to take mine at the end of January but I couldn't wait any longer and rescheduled it last minute. Only had 2 days to actually study and prepare. I suggest you do 75 questions instead of 20 on timed mode and study the rationales after. Your scores are pretty good so I don't think you have to worry too much.
  8. by   Kuttuse
    Iam going to take mine on january 18th. Finished u world and getting nervous when its getting closer to my exam.
  9. by   Alexx_xox
    So update for everyone, I actually just took the assessment and got a "very high" likelihood of passing. I scored a 70% and in the 91st percentile. This really helped calm my nerves. I wish there was a sooner date.

    Congratulations on passing!
  10. by   Alexx_xox
    I take mine only a couple days after you! Best of luck, I'm sure you will pass.
  11. by   Kuttuse
    Thank you so much for your reply. You have a very good score and you got this for sure 91 st percentile is very high. I got 84th percentile for my self assessment and it says very high chance of passing. I did finish the Qbank with a total of 64% now redoing the SATA again. I wish you good luck and you got this...
  12. by   Mini2544
    I got u world in early December, did all 2000 questions and my averages were 60-65%. I took two assessments and scored in the 80th percentile with a very high chance of passing nclex. I took the exam 1/10 and passed with 75 questions. I love U world and I think it's the best tool to help you prepare. However you should do at least 75 questions a day in one sitting. You can do a lower amount for the specific systems but 20 at a time will not really help you for the big exam as much as doing the max amount.
    Best of luck!
  13. by   Kuttuse
    Thank you so much for yor reply and i am hoping for the best but geting nervous.
  14. by   Alexx_xox
    That is also a very good score! I feel like you will be perfectly fine. Wishing you the best of luck as well.