trying to pass nclex .. three times already

  1. Been out of school for 5 years, took nclex 3 times and im just giving up. i don't know what to do next. I was near passing all subjects and i really thought i passed this time. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    Quote from futureLVN1
    Been out of school for 5 years, took nclex 3 times and im just giving up. i don't know what to do next. I was near passing all subjects and i really thought i passed this time. Any suggestions?
    "Near passing" in all subjects means "failing" in all subjects and shouldn't be seen as encouraging. If you're five years out of a one year program and haven't been able to pass NCLEX, consider retaking the program (or completing another one).
  4. by   jtboy29
    Being out of school for 5 years is a long time. If you can you might want to complete another LVN program or do a comprehensive review course. You already failed by giving up so don't give up. You will have to re-assess how you reviewed those 3 times attempting the NCLEX PN."Near" passing doesn't mean you were close to passing the NCLEX. There's no way to gauge you being close to passing the NCLEX just by that information. How were you studying to begin with? Did you have any distractions?
  5. by   futureLVN1
    well i work full time and i study usually nights and weekends im off and study during that time. i have kids too as well, but i don't where to start , i just received my ATT and i don't want to wait too long to take the test again. i have in mind to take the test end of December.. do you have any suggestions what review is best for. maybe its my content I'm not understand . My friend gave me a review of mark klimek and his audio recording of lectures and its good , i don't know if i should just use that or get another review with it
  6. by   Carrie_RN
    Kaplan has an LPN test prep class. I used to teach the RN NCLEX test prep and it's a good program. There were foreign trained nurses that used the program many years after they had graduated.
  7. by   jtboy29
    Since you have Mark Klimek's review and the recording of lectures then I would just use that and combine it with UWorld. If you want a content review course then I highly suggest either Kaplan or Hurst. I used Hurst Review when I was studying for my third attempt. It provided me with the core content that I needed to know for the NCLEX. It also gave me strategies that I can use and apply to each question. The practice questions weren't as thorough as UWorld's however; as long as you know your core content and your basics then you will do well. I don't want to assume that you don't know your core content because everyone's different. People have passed just doing practice questions and others have passed using a review course such as Hurst. Others have passed "without" studying. So it's possible to pass the NCLEX you just have to set your mind to it.
  8. by   futureLVN1
    yea i think i will stick to mark klimek review, how is the hurst review? is there an instructor that is helping you or your on your own with the information? I believe its my content since i been out of school so long.
  9. by   futureLVN1
    I REALLY need to pass this time and i want to move on with my life and continue my education . are u currently a LVN?
  10. by   Crysruiz
    If it's any help I was out of school for 3yrs failed twice got the encouragement to study again at the beginning of July this year. I honestly didn't know where to Even begin. Found NCSBN Review bc i knew I needed actual material to study and not just questions. I did the 8 week. You can choose from (3,5,8,15 weeks I believe). Once I finished that I purchased Uworld for 30days did questions everyday. Happy to say I took my test Oct. 19th and 10 days later received my congratulations letter. Hope this helps you don't lose hope, you got this ! Stay focused and I'm sure you'll pass.
  11. by   futureLVN1
    thanks for the information . i hope i pass this
  12. by   jtboy29
    With Hurst, if there have a live review course in your area it's a good thing. I did the Hurst Now option. It required me to put in time and effort and I was okay with doing that because it being my third attempt I wanted to get it done. You have to believe in yourself and that you will pass. Whichever review course you take you have to remember that knowing your core content and basics should be your utmost priority. Yes, I'm currently an LVN. I passed my NCLEX PN in September of this year. I used only Hurst Review. I didn't want to use anything else because I feel with Hurst it provides me with the necessary knowledge to pass the NCLEX.