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I graduated from the #1 nursing school in the state, which happens to have a 100% pass-rate for the past few years. Yeah, no pressure, right? WELL, I took the exam yesterday and had the FULL 265... Read More

  1. by   AuntieRN sounds like you had the same questions I had on my test. I passed too. Good luck and keep us posted.
  2. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Awww thanks so much, guys!!! Well, the NCBON is officially closed for the weekend and I don't think I can get my quick results over the weekend... I should be able to get my quick results around lunchtime on Monday. I'll definitely let ya'll know!!! I sure hope I pass. If not, I'll be a WRECK!
  3. by   nessa36va
    hey girl, i took the nclex on wednesday, i too had 265 questions, i was a nervous wreck and was sure i failed. is it true that only 3 percent that have that many questions pass?? anyway, it was a horrible experience. i was the last one in there to leave and i took a million breaks! i know they were tired of fingerprinting me every 10 minutes!! lol, but I PASSED! so dont worry! youll do it!
  4. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Thanks, lady! I hope so! I head we can get quick results on SATURDAYS, so I'm refreshing every 15 minutes. OH the agony...
  5. by   NS2005NY
    Hi I just wanted you to know that I too took the exam Thursday @ 9 am and have been checking the pc every hour to the hour to see if the results are posted!
    This is my second time taking the exam and I am so nervous and scared that I did not do well- I am having anxiety attacks!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway you are not alone!!! I am going through the same thing you are--
    I have you in my prayers that you do well!!

    Keep us posted--I really hope we find out the results today! I am tired of everyone asking me "Did you pass??" I am going TO SCREAM THE NEXT TIME someone ask me whether or NOT I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praying....(please let me pass this exam and FIND OUT TODAY)!!!!!
  6. by   Nurse2BAndiLynn
    Have you found anything out yet??? I took mine at 11am. I wonder if it's 48 hours from the time you START or FINISH the exam. I'm sending good vibes your way. I hope we can both post threads reporting good news this afternoon!!! How was your NCLEX? How many questions did you have???
  7. by   NS2005NY
    MY exam was about 86 questions! the last time I had all of the questions and failed! So I am really unsure---I remember the majority of what was asked and as soon as I got home I looked up the answers and some I got right and some wrong!
    I just pray that I pass...I have so many people who are counting on me to pass and to disappoint them again I dont know what I will do!
    The wait is so crazy.....I can't do anything until I know my results..this is so NERVE RACKING!!!!
  8. by   Lucious P
    I Passed................I am so happy I am offically and RN now..........Got my results on Saturday morning........ Thanks for the prayers and concerns.
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  10. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations Lucious P!
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  12. by   otan11
    u passed i bet...congrats
  13. by   Cherybaby
    Nurse2B and NS2005 - Did either of you hear anything yet???

    Congrats Luscious! Good job!!!!

    15 hours until my NCLEX...ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!