took only 75 questions and got the good pop up!

  1. I took the NCLEX-RN in snowy PA this morning and I was in shock when the computer shut off at 75 questions. On the ride home I checked Pearson Vue and was SO scared I'd get sent to the credit card screen but then I saw the good pop up!! Now I can't wait to get my quick results to hopefully be one of many that had this trick work for them.
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  4. by   rnaria
    Congratulations! How did you prepare? I test on Thursday and I hope to be in your spot.
  5. by   mamoli
    congratulation .
  6. by   wellcoachRN
    Congratulations!! Wishing you incredible success as a nurse!
  7. by   meghanlyn
    thank you all!
  8. by   meghanlyn
    Quote from rnaria
    Congratulations! How did you prepare? I test on Thursday and I hope to be in your spot.
    I mainly used Kaplan's review course to prepare along with a couple of books (Saunder's and Exam Cram). I'm sure you'll do great though! Just go in with confidence!
  9. by   ChazzW
    Hi meghanlyn, Congrats 2 happy for u. I just got my quick results today & now I am a RN (after 75 questions, like you), but I was a repeat test taker and I am so Happy & honored to be officially part of the Nursing community.
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    @chazzW I am also a repeat test taker what did you do differently this time around?
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    Congratulations. You passed. My test also stopped at 75 questions.
    I did the pearson vue trick. I had the good pop up.
    Two days later my unofficial result said PASS.
  12. by   ChazzW
    @ ktenor - i do not recommend this, but i did not study more content, because months ago, I had studied the Hurst Review book so throughly, that to this day, I still remember the content in it. I did review EKG strips & treatments, infection control data and lab values, for 10 minutes the morning of the exam. I said to myself I was going to rely on my long term memory for content. The main difference in going into and during the exam is that I viewed the exam from a critical thinking and safety perspective. I kept this viewpoint in mind throughout the exam. By not having my mind clouded with so many facts, I was able to think clearly and critically and always focus in on the safest option.

    I wish you success, but you have to figure out what is best for your preparation. I say this, b/c my friend who failed twice, did 10,000 NCLEX styled questions, before taking it a 3rd time back in July 2013 and now he is working as an RN in a Step down unit. So, do what is best for you, relax and GO GET YOUR LICENSE.