took NCLEX yesterday

  1. Phew...glad that's over. It stopped at 75 questions and I'm fairly confident I passed but there were about 5 questions that had me debating pretty hard between two possibilities. I think I even broke a sweat Anyway, I'll find out for sure in a couple days I guess. I wanted to recommend a work book that I think made all the difference for me. Since the test has a lot about prioritizing you may want to consider this book too. The workbook is actually pretty in depth and gives rationales. When I took the NCLEX I didn't really find those types of questions all that difficult and I think it's because I did the workbook. It's called Prioritization, Delegation & Assignment by LaCharity, Kumagai, Bartz. I found if on Amazon. I studied a lot of different prep books but if I were to narrow down the ones that were the most essential it would be Saunders and Kaplan. Hope that helps. By the way, I didn't get any math problems which surprised and delighted me
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  3. by   willdgate
    You are probably one in a million people that was not nervous after taking N-clex.
  4. by   Makand
    Hello there, you sounds like you did well. I wish you a good luck for the result. By the way, I am going to take NCLEX this Friday, I have been working on Kaplan and Saunders. My question for you, did you see a lot of "Select all that apply" format questions? What about meds? I will appreciate your response.
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  5. by   MomenTs
    good to hear kjp u feel confident about ur exam. Thnx for sharing the info. that was really nice of u.
  6. by   kjp1962
    I was a wreck for weeks before the test and now I'm just exhausted. I was less nervous after the test due to sheer relief but I don't want to give the impression that I wasn't nervous afterwards. I'm going to be a nervous ninny until I know for sure. So I'll keep checking the boards for my license. I ended up getting 3 select all that apply. I knew going into the test that I don't do too well on those ones. I'm always off by one. Okay, now I'm getting that "what if" thing....starting to feel my nerves all over again....oh geesh. I didn't get any other alternative questions. I didn't get any med math. Good luck taking the test! I wish you success.
  7. by   Nursing28
    I know you passed Kjp1962........Early congrats....
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    sounds like you did wonderful. Let us know. I,too, have that book and doing the questions in them. did you do the cases too? Please let me know.
  9. by   kjp1962
    I did the whole book including most of the case studies. I ran out of time. Waiting for results is taking a toll on if the stress of preparing for the test wasn't enough. I find myself pacing and fretting so it's really nice to just be able to hear those words of encouragement from everyone who understands. Thanks a lot and again....good luck to all
  10. by   kjp1962
    Just found out I passed!!! I took the test on Tuesday in California and found out the results today (Friday) on line. It's a big celebration here at work today!!
  11. by   suzy253
    Congratulations!!! Awesome feeling isn't it? I just passed my NCLEX (7/31).
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