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Wow, I took my NCLEX-RN exam this morning and boy was it hard! It seemed like every 4th or 5th question was "Select All That Apply" and I really suck at those. The good thing is that I only had the... Read More

  1. by   McGwillis
    yeah ... I can't sleep either. It is so late/early, and I need to get into bed!
  2. by   EmilyLucille523
    Hey, now that you guys have said it I do remember getting a lot of infection control questions (isolation, negative air pressure rooms, etc...) too. What aggravated me about that was that I did not prepare for those types of questions either and the critical thinking strategies that I learned from Kaplan didn't seem to help. But I know you guys did well. I have a job interview tomorrow for an ER position, wish me luck!
  3. by   jenniferlee
    GOOD LUCK! yeah I got the negative air pressure questions... O good grief, I won't even go there again!! Tee Hee
  4. by   jenniferlee
    I am a nurse this week!! I passed!
  5. by   TweedleDee
    WoooHooo Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  6. by   jenniferlee
    ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty I haven't cried yet!! But I assume that all you need to do is know three answers out of 75 to pass NCLEX.. woot woot!!!!! I sooooo thought I failed! Thank God:bowingpur
  7. by   McGwillis
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  9. by   angel40
    TweedleDee, thank you so much for showing me that site. These questions really are helpful to me. I using them to help me pass my exit hesi exam for the 3!!!! time. Thanks a bunch
  10. by   mmorris120874
    Quote from jenniferlee
    I took my NCLEX exam yesterday. What could I have studied to better help me? Anything and everything to do with infection control! I am not sure if I can post this, and if its unsuitable please let me know and I will delete. I know I cannot post the questions themselves . I had at least 6 check all that apply. I had two drag and drop boxes. Didn't have a single dosage cal. I had 3 med questions. Not a single circulation question, 1 peds question ( patient was 14) , no F&E questions, couple of endocrine questions, no maternity, few questions in neuro, LOTS of room assignments, lots of priority, lots of infection control. I was stunned because I thought it would be full of what we were taught was "core content", NO WAY! Sure do not know if I passed. I had 75 questions. I took the Hurst Review and do not think I could answer one question from what I studied in the Hurst review. And to add, I had a few immunization questions! Hurst Review doesn't stress infection control in their main booklet, so I never even looked at the stuff again, but I had some serious infection control stuff that I hadn't seen since my first semester of nursing!
    Wow I had the EXACT same thing! (except I had one dosage question). I'm reading yours and feel like I wrote it! I took the Hurst Review also and felt like it was a waste b/c NOTHING prepared me for what I got on that test! I find out tomorrow my "unofficial" results....If that "I passed" is from you CONGRATS!!!
  11. by   purplechicxiii
    congratulations ! good for u though because i started reviewing since march, but not continuously.. and still haven't received my elligibility. it feels like hell ! prolonged agony. ugh !
  12. by   Patchouli
    i took my nclex rn yesterday and i am sooo angry! it was so hard! i feel like i failed! i think is was way harder than the hesi or my study questions or exams in school! i can't believe it! i even was able to pick apart questions that i know i missed now (like four). i had plenty of sata, priority, meds, one number in order, no dosage. don't know how many sata, but it was more than ten. i feel sick! most of the questions were meds, priority patients, sata, some diseases i have never heard of! i think the test was the worst one i have ever taken. my last ten questions were not sata, so i'm worried that that means i failed.
  13. by   mmorris120874
    We ALL feel like that coming out of the test. Take a deep breath. I agree with you. It was so much harder than what we were prepared for. Are you going to do the "Pearson Trick"? Good luck to you!