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Wow, I took my NCLEX-RN exam this morning and boy was it hard! It seemed like every 4th or 5th question was "Select All That Apply" and I really suck at those. The good thing is that I only had the... Read More

  1. by   jenniferlee
    I took my NCLEX exam yesterday. What could I have studied to better help me? Anything and everything to do with infection control! I am not sure if I can post this, and if its unsuitable please let me know and I will delete. I know I cannot post the questions themselves . I had at least 6 check all that apply. I had two drag and drop boxes. Didn't have a single dosage cal. I had 3 med questions. Not a single circulation question, 1 peds question ( patient was 14) , no F&E questions, couple of endocrine questions, no maternity, few questions in neuro, LOTS of room assignments, lots of priority, lots of infection control. I was stunned because I thought it would be full of what we were taught was "core content", NO WAY! Sure do not know if I passed. I had 75 questions. I took the Hurst Review and do not think I could answer one question from what I studied in the Hurst review. And to add, I had a few immunization questions! Hurst Review doesn't stress infection control in their main booklet, so I never even looked at the stuff again, but I had some serious infection control stuff that I hadn't seen since my first semester of nursing!
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  2. by   McGwillis
    I took mine today and had 75 and I feel terrible! I even remembered some of the questions that I didn't know, looked them up, and found out that I had them wrong. Like 5 of them, and ugh!! It wouldnt let me through on the pearson trick, though. I really wonder ...

    jenniferlee, your test sounds almost EXACTLY like mine. I had one more peds q.
  3. by   jenniferlee
    I couldn't get through to CC page either. Brrrrrr, the wait and see game! If I had to judge, there is no way that I passed that test!
  4. by   TweedleDee
    Thanks for your input jenniferlee. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!!! I too have done Hurst Review and am hoping for the best. Testing in a couple of weeks. I'm just having a hard time figuring out when enough studying is ENOUGH. How long did you study before boards? Wishing you all the best too choppinbroccoli!!!
  5. by   jenniferlee
    I took the Hurst review from the 11-14 of May, then tested June 7. I pretty much studied every day, in some way. I listened to the review again online, did the mock-nclex twice, did all the 4th day questions. Listened to the test explanations more than twice. I have listened to Marlene so much I hear her in my sleep. BUT, I really think I focused to much on her "core content", because it just was not on the test. NONE OF IT!! I think I would have benefited from going back to my first semester of nursing school notes and looking over all that stuff, the stuff you just forget, out of sight-out of mind. The body system questions were just not there, and neither were questions with lab values to figure out. It just wasn't what I expected! I will let you know how I did, I am very scared:|
  6. by   TweedleDee
    Jenniferlee..remember what Marlene says..students always feel that they are tested in their areas of weakness. But you and I both know that the computer has NO idea what our weaknesses are. I have studied this "core content" for a long time (about 1.5 years faithfully all the way through school) My school, the most dreaded on the face of the planet- not because of their content but due to their lack of organization, but that's another story, gave us a HESI every semester. I bonded with "Aunt Marlene" prior to taking and scored very well on each and every one. For the exit HESI I took last month, I studied nothing but testing strategies and still scored high. I'm telling you all of this cause I know your scared and I felt like you needed to know that in my opinion Marlene rocks. Your going to be OK!!!
  7. by   jenniferlee
    LOLOL I TOTALLY AGREE MARLENE DOES ROCK! I swear I am not saying that she doesn't!
    BUT, I do believe that I already knew my core content, and I wasted time. I guess that is what I am saying.
    I loved the Hurst Review, and I think that was the first time I laughed in 3 years! Just being able to laugh again
    was worth it! And I really think that I am not speaking out of emotion, I had alot of what I have already stated, and so did my class mates. I guess it just wasn't what I expected, I WANTED some ADH and PTH questions. I was ready for every F&E question out there! Gee, I really would have liked to tell the nlclex lady that my client had decreasing LOC due to changes in ICP! I didn't get one question on maternity!! Never got to use calcium gluconate and never even got to call a doctor for anything!
    LOLOLOL I am just ranting!! I expected more and prepared for MORE, and I should have studied the core of the core! If that even makes sense!! AND I REALLY WANTED TO REMOVE A CAST! I never even seen the nclex devil! Maybe my mind was so warped that I should have been taking the 1st grade entrance exam!!
  8. by   TweedleDee
    jenniferlee... THANK YOU for the best laugh I've had in a while and you are so right!!! Every time I answer a question I hear Marlene saying, "What can I do to fix the problem?!?!" I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for ya that you made the NCLEX lady proud of you!!! I think I'll add "the core of the core" to my list of things to study....oh, and maybe a bit of infection control too.
  9. by   jenniferlee
    Tee Hee:lol_hitti

    If Marlene did not exist, and you did not remind me of what she warned us about, I WOULD SAY
    THE WHOLE TEST WAS ON INFECTION CONTROL!!! I mean do you wear a mask or keep the door closed??
    WELL GEE, If i have to wear a mask you better believe that I will keep the door closed! AND it was not select all that apply, and believe me I tried to select BOTH!! I was arguing with myself saying, whats the killer answer? I dunno, cause I don't UNDERSTAND the question!!! I think my brain took a vacation. AND I KNEW how to operate the little calculator.. AND I DIDN'Tget to use it. sighhh..

    i really wanted to be a nurse this week :smackingf
  10. by   WannaBeUNoWhat
    Hey Jen it's me, bet you thought u would b rid of me for the nite but I figured this thing out!
  11. by   jenniferlee
    why are you not sleeping??
  12. by   jenniferlee
    BTW... I know why you are not sleeping.. Cause I can't sleep either....
    Like I said, I SOOOO wanted to be a nurse this week!
  13. by   McGwillis
    I practiced questions here:

    those are questions given to my class by ATI.

    I also used the NCLEX 3500 questions found here:

    I still have to find out from Pearson that I passed, but I got the pop-up thing when I tried the 'Pearson Trick.'

    I would just spend hours at the coffee shop with my tiny notebook/laptop doing the questions, and I used the Pearson ExamCram book. The BEST part of that book is the Appendixes! The questions in that book weren't bad either. They had extensive rationales (for the correct answers, at least).