Took NCLEX RN today!!! - page 3

Just wanted to share with everyone. I took the NCLEX today for the 1st time, I graduated May 4th, 09. The computer shut off @ 75. I had 10 SATA, 1 drag and drop, 2 OB, 2 peds, 10 meds (I never even... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
  2. by   MoLawrence09
    Congratulations to all who passed!

    I took mine today, and I also feel quite sick and dejected. I got a lot of select all that apply and infection control. Surprised me. There was no OB, growth and development, or even anything on things that I expected like Lanoxin. My computer shut off at 75, and I'm terrified I failed.

    Is there many people who fail at 75? And is it available any sooner than 48 hours? ( i know that 2 days isn't bad as my aunt said hers took over a month for a results...but i get impatient knowning that the computer already knows!)

    I feel sick as if i fail my job that is lined up will most likely fall through.
  3. by   nujremme
    i got 6 SATA, 2 drag n drop, 2 dosage, couple of meds.. my computer stopped at 78 and i passed!! hope u get good news!! good luck!!