took nclex RN in california and failed just need a clarification

  1. Hi! I took my Nclex RN in california last feb 16, 2018 and 48 hours has already passed (there's no quick result here so they said that we can check in under CA breeze account) I looked at my CA breeze account and under Manage your application, it seems that "12 - RN Exam Repeat/Reapply examination" has been added and the "view application status which is pending" gone. So in short, I failed. right? I will attach a photo. Thank you!

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  3. by   _nursecare
    Did you try the Pearson Vue Trick?
  4. by   Supr760
    No that is normal
  5. by   soothsayer1991
    Quote from _nursecare
    Did you try the Pearson Vue Trick?
    yes but with maxed out credit card but it says card declined and it says on one of the forums here that it is a bad pop up. I'm scared to use my debit card because I know i failed and I need money right now haha! Thanks!

    Quote from Supr760
    No that is normal
    Really? however, I already lose my hope because of the "retake examination" and I saw also on one of the topics here that when the application status is gone and when the RN exam retake/reapply examination appears it means that you failed. Thanks for the comment!
  6. by   Nurse_Johnny
    Any update on your status? or still the reapply option?
  7. by   hopefulRN'17
    If it declined then unfortunately you did not pass. It would have re registered you if you had enough funds available. Don't give up .. dust yourself off and do it again. Wishing you the best!!
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  8. by   FuturRN20
    Hi Soothsayer1991:

    How many questions did you end up with? Have you received the letter in the mail?
  9. by   FuturRN20
    How many questions did you have? Have you received the letter in the mail yet? I am on the same boat, I took it the same day as you did but I have not heard from them nor updated on my breeze. Your information would help and I will keep you posted as well.
  10. by   Blake_93RN
    Hi Everyone,
    I've been an ER nurse for 6 months now since passing the NCLEX RN last August 2017. It is also my first job as an RN. It is a very rewarding career once you helped someone, may it be physically, mentally, emotionally. Anyway, just passing by to encourage you all future RN's to make your dreams possible, you're one step closer. Never give up and go get those two letters on your badge.
  11. by   nalie2
    I believe it does mean that you failed. My application was pending from when I got approved to take NCLEX until 2 business days after I tested. The original application and pending status was gone and my license information appeared.