Took NCLEX for the 3rd time and...................

  1. I PASSED!!!, i am so unbelievably happy. failed first time at 150, failed second time at 85, passed 3rd time at 87.

    I took the Kaplan course and that course completely turned me around. incredible course. helped me a lot.

    TIME TO CELEBRATE!!:hatparty:
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    Im Very Proud Of You. And Congratulation.......finally, You Beat The Primary Challenges Of Nursing. Good Luck.......
  5. by   blackmama
    :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa congratulations.....job well done..
  6. by   Leslerz19
    Congrats!!! :hatparty:

    I am waiting for my nclex results the third time also. I'm praying that I pass it this time. I failed at 205, and at 85. This time I hope i pass. All I can do is wait for my results in the mail. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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  7. by   Life is in Mess
    What was your final score in the kaplan online course i have failed 3times and i am going to take 4th time on the 29thmay plz suggest me so i can review more i just want to pass this darn test tried of it. help me
  8. by   Life is in Mess
    Congrats to you
  9. by   Pinkypriya
    Congrats what was your final score on the kaplan online course i am going to take my nclex-pn on 1st june i hope i pass it
  10. by   tonmarchelli
    actually i was a little discouraged becasue i was getting around 55-65% on all the practice tests. but i think that becasue the questions were so much like the actual NCLEX questions that i didnt feel uncomfortable taking the test like i was the first 2 times. i will write a review of my experience of the kaplan course. but i would definatly recommend people take it if they are thinking about it.
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    Woot! Congratualtions!
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    congratulations. i know the storm is over for you.
  14. by   heartanimal
    Congrats and you are have encouraged me to continue on. I took the Kaplan class and I am doing the q bank questions now. I am happy you stuck in there. How long did you have to wait before you were able to test again?