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Hey! I had I think 100 questions. Around 98 or so it asked me to take a break and I said no. 2 questions later it shuts off. But, I know I got the last question wrong because I looked it up. ... Read More

  1. by   DolphinRN84
    This thread is almost a year old, and I believe this person passed on their 6th time.
  2. by   eldragon
    Quote from LynseyEB
    I know just how you feel, but maybe you passed. I went to a seminar In Nov. It was the Rinhart review. I learned a lot. I have not taken the test again yet . I hope to take it again in Feb. Go online to Rinhart and Associates and check them out . They have an online review that you can watch them teach on each topic . you have to pay to see it. They have set me up to review again before I take my test. you also get a book and CD if you go to a seminar. I will let you Know if I pass. Please let me know if you pass . Good Luck to you. I know I am going to need it.

    I took the Rinehart review, also. They say they have a high pass rate, but their cd is very easy.

    To see how easy their practice cd is, I had my husband take it. He's not in the medical field at all, but knows quite alot about nutrition. He passed it. Not once, but twice.

    So I had my ten year old daughter take the test, and she didn't pass, but in her defense, she didn't read the questions, either.

    So while the Rinehart CD and materials are basics and they say they say they have a high pass rate for NCLEX, I'd just like to suggest that you use it along with other proven study materials, like Saunders and Kaplan.

    Just my two cents.
  3. by   S.N. Visit
    I think you meant to leave a message for Kemmerick. (I passed NCLEX in Sept. first try). I was curious to see if Kemmerick passed. I have a friend who graduated a year ahead of me and has failed the NLCEX-RN 5 times. I was hoping to hear some-one was successful the 6th.
  4. by   KHJJ5523
    Maybe this will help you feel better but I graduated in June of 2007. I first took boards in August of 07 got all 265 questions and failed. I just retook the test January 10 and again got all 265 questions...and I missed the last one! I remembered the last question, came home, looked it up...and it was wrong! I was so devistated and sick for what seemed to be the 2 longest days of my life because I felt the same way you do now...I just knew I failed! When I checked my results 2 days later...I had passed!!! I just wanted to let you know that I once thought that if you missed the last question then you failed...but I am living proof that that is a MYTH! There is still hope and you can still pass!