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took the nclex 1/30 went home did not have the heart to do the PVT. next day i gather myself and check and page. my heart sink into my stomarch. i check again this morning same thing. when... Read More

  1. by   obloom14
    Lol welcome to the nclex repeaters club
  2. by   yahoo13
    Quote from obloom14
    Ofcourse. Well be able to get through this. And well try passing with 75 ? S !!
    amen to that.will keep u updated when i do recieve my letter.
  3. by   yahoo13
    Quote from kemifair
    I am with u guys too
    dont beat urself up . we shall all pass next time and be able to post it here..
  4. by   kemifair
    Quote from yahoo13

    dont beat urself up . we shall all pass next time and be able to post it here..
    Yes we are all going to pass
  5. by   yahoo13
    Quote from kemifair
    Yes we are all going to pass
    have u schedule yet?
  6. by   kemifair
    No not yet.
  7. by   yahoo13
    me either .still waitx on my letter to come in. in the main time im back to ATI with saunders n hurst,, im so ready to pass this time around
  8. by   obloom14
    Have any of u guys received your att yet?
  9. by   yahoo13
    no i havent paid my 200 dollars yet.i think thy will send you ur att number after the 45-90 window period
  10. by   bewheel
    I'm very sorry! I took the Kaplan review course and followed their study plan. I mainly focused on answering their practice questions. I don't know how the Hurst program is set up, but I really liked Kaplan because they taught me "how to think like the test." I did all of their tests, answered all the Qbank questions, and went back and reviewed every single question that I answered, right or wrong. I was really nervous doing just this, because I didn't think I was getting the content review that I needed... but in reviewing questions and making sure I understood the rationale, I did a lot more content reviewing than I thought. Kaplan also has online video lectures of content review, and videos of the program director talking you through questions.. Didn't really use these because I went to the class, but I can definitely see how it could be helpful for others.

    Good luck!! I know it may be difficult right now, but stay positive, focused, and motivated!! You can do this!
  11. by   shael16
    i took nclex the 2nd time yesterday and did the pvt but it took me to the cc screen so now i'm scared to reapply cause of the concurrency issue that international nurses were facing. i'm afraid that ca bon will deny my reapplication ;(