Too exhausted, too sleepy to review...NCLEX-PN in 3 days

  1. I know the only way to avoid exhaustion is to take a breather and just relax. But I haven't exhausted my reviewing so far...I still have to go over Maternity, and some other stuff. I am using Saunders CD to review and have done more than 1000 questions. My main problem is Pharmacology! I was answering the Pharmacology questions in the CD and I'm like, how will I know the answers to these questions--side effects, patient teaching, etc.? There are a million drugs out there and I feel so hopeless reviewing this subject.

    My friend told me to re-schedule my test. I CAN'T because I'm scheduled to leave the country a few days after taking the test---tickets and everything are ready (will be gone for a month). I DON'T want to re-schedule it coz that would mean I'll be too lazy to study, and that would mean going back to square 1. I also DON'T want to re-schedule coz I need to get a job ASAP. I was thinking that maybe by the time I get back from my vacation then my results will be up (California test-taker here), so I would at least be pre-occupied while waiting for it.

    Any advice guys on Pharmacology? I don't think I have more time to go to the bookstore and buy books and study them.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    There are a few threads on here discussing pharmacology and one even has a test (try the search facility)

    Know your prefixes and common side effects ie cillin, lol, pine etc
  4. by   caliotter3
    Learn as much about pharm as you can during the time you have left and go for it. When you return, as you said, your results should be ready and you will know what you have to do next. Wishing you good luck.
  5. by   hdabre
    i took my test less than a week ago, and i just found out i pass with a 85.
    you are on the right track. don't rescheale. you will be surprice when you get to the test site, sometime most of the stuff you study will not be on the test. go over prioritizing, infection control, heart med. endocrane. i use saunders comprehensive 4th edition. i did the study questions and all the system on the cd.good luck and you will pass
  6. by   oguesswhat
    I am to exhausted and tired to review too...but I am not taking my test yet. I am still waiting for the state to let the NCLEX board know I am able to test! I wish I could sit still longer. My problem when I get up to take a break I take a lot longer than I should!