Today is the day

  1. I am new to this website as an official poster, but I've been reading it for about a year now. Today is the day of my NCLEX!!! I'm so stressed out, I only managed a couple of bites of my breakfast. I'm also fighting back the urge to study! The test is 9am, and it's about 7:50am......I want to scream! I've read and re-read several of you guys messages with tips and encouragement and I found them really helpful this morning. Without reading them I would have been even more stressed. I'll be sure to update everyone after I take the test, and of course when I get my results. Pray for me!!!
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  3. by   RNKay31
    wishing you the very best
  4. by   NICU_nurse2b
    Good Luck!!
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to yah. enjoy the wait...
  6. by   leesespieces
    you're in my prayers

    good luck....all of your hard work is going to pay off!!!!!
  7. by   jess9630
    Thank you to everyone for the well wishes! I'm finished with the test and I got 75 questions. Now I just have to wait. And wait, and wait! I'm hoping and praying that I passed. I feel like it could go either way right now. Some of the questions on the test were just insane!
  8. by   RNismycalling
    Hey jess9630, what state are you in? Possible that you can find out your results in two days. Best of luck and I am sure you PASSED.:roll

    By the way how was your experience with the NCLEX?
  9. by   jess9630
    RNismycalling, Thanks I hope I did! I live in Virginia and unfortunately they don't do quick results. I have heard from others that you can call an automated number thats listed on the VBON website about 48 hours after testing, and see if you passed. I'm going to try that, but otherwise it's a waiting game.

    For me the NCLEX was everything everyone said it would be and more. I had ALOT of priority questions and infection control. I only got one math problem and one multiple answer question. I had several drug questions, but only recognized one. I didn't have any peds or maternity, just a bunch of med surg priority.

    When I hit question 74, I wasn't sure if I wanted the computer to shut off because I kinda wanted more questions so I could feel like I proved myself, but it shut off after 75 so we'll see. :roll
  10. by   RNismycalling
    jess9630, make sure you let us all know when you find out that you PASSED.
  11. by   Narine
    I am sure you are passed, so what kind of study plan did you used ? What type of books or any other sourses....
  12. by   jess9630
    I took the Kaplan comprehensive course, and then also used Saunders comprehensive review. I did the Kaplan questions for about 3 weeks, and then used the Saunders book for the remaining time. Some of the questions were similar in format to the Kaplan questions.
  13. by   nurseangel47
    for you! At least the first part of the journey to becoming a nurse is over! That in and of itself is cause for celebration I hope that you passed and that your nursing dreams will soon be a reality. Just remember, your learning process is truly just beginning. Constant changes, updates in technology, etc challenge us nurses daily at work to remain compliant with progressive trends in nursing. You have passed that first obstacle.
  14. by   jess9630
    Update everyone...I passed!!! I found out during my orientation at my new job. I called the automated number during a break, and starting jumping up and down and screaming in front of the whole orientation class! It's official. I'm an RN!!!! So nice to be able to say that!