To Those Who Have Already Taken The NCLEX

  1. i struggle with big time anxiety. sitting here right now taking questions i am completely calm and collect. i can sit here right now look at everyone in the eye and say i am going to pass the nclex on thursday.
    then i think about thursday, my heart starts jumping around, my stomach does flips, and i start to chew off my mind goes blank and i get negative.

    i need advice.

    [font=impact]how can i control my anxiety during the test?

    what did everyone do to get themselves focused when they felt like they wanted to jump out of their skin and cry?!
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  3. by   Savvy20RN
    I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When the first question popped up on the screen my heart started racing like crazy. This was even before I started reading the thing. I had to stop, take a breath and then read the question. I kept telling myself that I know this, I can do it. Stop freaking out. It's just an exam. It worked. My heart stopped racing and I just went through the exam. Thankfully it cut off at 76 because I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't.

    I didn't take any breaks even through my computer allowed me one. I wanted to stay in testing mode. If you are given a break and you need one take it. Go get a drink of water, stretch, etc. and then go back in fighting (but just don't hit anyone!!)

    Good luck!
  4. by   LuxAeternaRN
    The anxiety before testing day is INTENSE and that's putting it mildly!! When I went in, I just forced myself to NOT think of all I didn't know and just focus on answering questions the best I could. Realize that you've been preparing for this exam since you began nursing school. It's impossible to know everything! When you feel doubt or panic creeping, push it away! If you allow yourself to panic, your judgement and ability to answer questions will cloud and make things that much worse. You can do it!! All the best
  5. by   JMO82
    I have the same anxiety before and during exams. You aren't alone! I hated to think I was made to stay in the chair and not able to leave or something. I just took NCLEX last week and passed. I ate the same food for like 3 days before my exam so my stomach would cooperate. I also scheduled my exam for the afternoon, that way I took the morning to go to the gym and clear my head, and not be rushed. Amazingly, you are much calmer than you think. For me, I think I was because I had a LOT of prayers and also knew I wanted to pass my first time and I was not going to let my anxiety keep me from it. I also packed a lunch box with snacks, ibuprofen, water, etc and kept it in the locker. I knew that if I had to get up, I could. I used the headphones as well which blocked out a lot of noise. Just breathe, read each question more than once. When is your exam? I will keep you in my prayers!
  6. by   fmAtoZ&backagain
    They say you can take half of Benadryl (OTC), but you have to try it before to see if is not too much or too little (since its difficult to sleep before the test)
  7. by   Rach10388
    Ahh this helped so much, does the anxiety usually settle after a few questions? And what happens if I hit a hard question....I know I can't be filling my head up with "what ifs" but its just..i dont know... this is so pathetic lol
  8. by   JMO82
    Yea my anxiety lessoned as I was taking the exam. I prayed before and after every question though, I am sure. My test anxiety in the past has been awful for me, often resulting in my failing exams. However, with NCLEX I knew that I had to not allow myself to get worked up. When you approach difficult questions, re read it multiple times so you are clear that it makes sense to you and that you are reading it correctly. If you come to a point in your exam where you are so anxious, you think it's inhibiting you from answering correctly, GET UP, go take a quick walk, eat a small snack. Remember you are the only one taking the exam, and the only one that is going to claim your nursing license. Don't be concerned with anyone else around you but yourself. I will say a prayer for you!! You got this!! I am a Christian, and my verse I said in my head over and over was Phillipians 4:13 'I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth ME'!!!
  9. by   Ekuyk
    I take mine tuesday, I keep thinking I'm going to pass and I feel fine but when I think about tuesday and how many questions I might get and doing the trick afterwards I feel like I'm going to vomit! It's crazy I just hope I can keep myself calm and not freak out during the test. GL to you!!
  10. by   Dark Avenger
    just think that there's nothing to be afraid of. You already did your best during the review and practiced a lot as possible so there's no way that the computer will beat you.. besides, it's just a computer. have a good rest and be confident. if you heard other examiners talking about questions and answers on the examination day, don't listen. for it will just add up to your anxiety. just stay focused. remember that the question depends on how you answer the previous ones. Just relax on your chair. Don't start until you're fully relaxed. Just think that you're at school, taking the long quiz or exam.
    most important of all, PRAY.. it will boost your confidence. goodluck...
  11. by   caliotter3
    There are many relaxation techniques, including prayer. What has worked for you in the past? Concentrate on putting that into place when you feel the need and you will do fine. Good luck.
  12. by   Rach10388
    You guys are such a great help. I have been trying a lot of biofeedback while practicing questions and that has been helping a lot. I have talked with friends and one of the girls suggested to write my name at the top of that dry erase board they give us followed by RN. And everytime I get nervous to just look at that and remind myself that after a few questions I will be a nurse. This is the only thing standing between me and my goal. That's it! Just a little exam. I go tomorrow. I am planning on bringing a few personal items so I can surround myself with something familiar that makes me comfortable. I will keep you all up to date! Thanks so much.
    As for what has worked in the past, over medicating on xanax and having accommodations through my school learning center. I denied accommodations for the NCLEX because I would have had to drive an hour and a half away to get them and I think that would have just made me feel so much worse.

    Wish me luck! So nervous!
  13. by   LuxAeternaRN
    How'd it go??
  14. by   Rach10388
    I was out of there in 48 minutes with 75 questions. Came home, got the good pop up. WHAT A RELIEF