this test result is killing me! i cant sleep!

  1. hey ya'll.. new to the site. i took the nclex yesterday, and i feel absolutely horrible. i have no idea if i passed or failed. i dont feel confident at all. i was only sure of only probably 3 questions.. literally. i feel so discouraged. i got 85 questions but i feel like i just did really really bad to get that score. every other questions i got was medication questions. i was shocked of how many meds i got which was my weakness. i practically guessed at each question and theres was no way for me to critical think. they were all concrete questions. it was a nightmare. it only took me an hour and fifteen minutes so i think the computer knew i was guessing and it automatically just shut off. im so ashamed of myself. i shouldve taken my time. i regret it so much. i was just getting so frustrated. it would be a miracle if i passed. but i hope god and fate was on my side. i cant believe i have to wait a whole month or so! my sister took the RN exam last week and got results in 3 days! how lucky.. i just feel so bad and really really hope i pass so i dont have to work where i do now. someone give me some words of wisdom!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    There are no words of wisdom. You just have to stop torturing your self and try to put it behind you and wait. Do something good for yourself. Hang in there. If it helps. 99.99% of the people who take NCLEX feel just the way you do and most pass.
  4. by   LanaBanana
    Why do you have to wait a month? Are you not in a quick results state? Even without quick results, we can find out from our BON if we have a license in 2-3 days.
    I also took my NCLEX-PN on Wednesday with 85 questions. And couldn't sleep. When I talked to my boyfriend last night he came over and took my laptop away (so I would stop refreshing the quick results page!) and we stayed up watching TV until we both fell asleep (much faster for him - I was still awake at 3am!) And now it's not even 7am and I'm back on the computer!
  5. by   RNismycalling
    It's done and over with. No going back. Do something special for yourself. Go get a pedicure and or manicure. go shopping. That helped me. I understand how you feel but the stress is not worth it, trust me. Fact and the matter is, you cannot predict how well you did by the amount of questions that you had. It is really 50/50. Took the test a little over one week ago, had 75 questions, took me 2 1/2 hours and I was convinced I had failed. But I actually passed. So you can never tell. Know that you went in there and tried your best. Good luck and hang in there no matter what the outcomes is. :icon_hug:
  6. by   LanaBanana
    Jamie, try calling your board of nursing in the next day or 2. I just called mine and they said I have a license! She said it would be tomorrow before it's posted to the website though.
  7. by   jamie19
    im just so nervous for the results. it just kills me to wait 3 weeks for the results, and if i do find out that i didnt pass, i would have to wait another 2-3 months to take it again. its like my life is on hold until i get the results and i hate that feeling. its like a big black cloud over my head that i cant get rid of. i just wished i couldve taken more time on the test. i was just getting so frustrated of not knowing the answers that i started to get helpless and not think the questions through. it only took me an hour and 15 mins to take the whole test so im sure the computer knew i was guessing! i just want these 3 weeks to be over so i know if i either passed or failed...
  8. by   daddy
    im planning to be license in ca. Any advice?
    tnx in advance....
  9. by   jamie19
    Quote from daddy
    im planning to be license in ca. Any advice?
    tnx in advance....

    only advice i can give you is when you take the test, take your time. dont rush, especially if you get frustrated in my case. read through all the questions and try to look for hints in the questions...
  10. by   cmp715
    hey jamie... did u pass? i hope u did!
  11. by   jamie19
    its been almost two weeks and still waiting on the results.. hopefully i get it soon.. and hopefully i passed. wish me luck!!
  12. by   cmp715
    good luck! and i hope you find out soon... i'm in the same boat as you are.... took nclex two days ago and i'm still absolutely overwhelmed.. can't stop thinking about it but i'm trying to stay busy. i have a horible feeling that i might have not passed because the questions were SO difficult... so many meds i've never even heard about... my test stopped at 80. i know of a lot of people that stopped at 75, 265, etc... but 80? was it trying to 'give me another chance' to get above passing level? did i manage to do that? it's going to be so hard to wait for so many days..... this site has helped me a lot.. i've been here many many times just reading about other people's experiences and i can't believe how everyone is saying that they thought they failed and then they found out that they actually passed.... all i can say is that i hope to god i'm going to be one of those people. oh.. i'm so discouraged right now!....
  13. by   EzBSN
    i stopped at 80 and failed...
  14. by   cmp715
    wow, now that's encouraging... just what i needed