This may help you when preparing for NCLEX

  1. There are so many that post here with questions and concerns concerning the NCLEX. I just want to say something that may encourage someone has they prepare, whether it's your first time or first of many times. I really have a hard time believing that anyone that studied hard to complete nursing school cannot pass the test. I don't know about anyone else but If feel my test in school were more challenging than those on nclex.

    It could have been because thru school I was learning to think critically on the level that nursing requires and by the time I finished school my thinking was sharpened enough where I learned to break questions down and answer them without reading to much into them. I realize that the way my instructors were testing me in class was preparing me for nclex though at the time it would make me upset at some of the questions they would ask because I thought they were so stupid.

    I believe that some of the reasons people fail nclex is because they underestimate their ability to be able to pass. I believe in the power of words, that when they are spoken they are thought upon then acted on. If we constantly tell ourselves what we can't, do then we won't.

    People also do not adequately prepare themselves sometimes because they get to comfortable in what they believe they know and feel it's enough. So they don't prepare. Also don't do so much where all you end up is more confused but do little by little and understand why something is wrong (reading the rationales).

    Another reason I believe is because of anxiety. I use to get fast heartbeats and sweaty hands when it came to testing in nursing school. I mean, I would get really nervous, I was scared of testing because I really didn't want to fail. What I would do to help that was tell myself, I'm not going to get bent out of shape over a test, I studied so I'm going to relax and go with what I know then I would say a little prayer and it helped a world of a good.

    I want those that are preparing to test to be encouraged and know that you can do it. Don't beat yourself up or tear yourself down about it, that only makes your feel worse. But believe in yourself and know that there is nothing you can't conquer when you set your mind and heart to it.
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  3. by   eliza_mae017
    Hello, thanks for such a wonderful advice I will going to take my 2nd NCLEX exam early of Next year. Right now, I am using SAunders CD. You are right on my first exam, I was more of " I think I wouldn't pass because I werent that smart as my friends in nursing"....

    But Right NOW, I believe in power of WOrd... FOR U to continue fighting..
    Always SAy " I can do this"

    " LIke Most people here, I Will also be A RN soon"

    " I know its hard but I won't stop"

    " I will pas NCLEX"

    And of course.. "PRAY, STUDY, PRAY, STUDY"
    I know he here my prayers, ANd I know God believe I can pass this test no matter what.. I Just have to show some hard work...

    AND BELieve iN MYSELF, No one can help me MORethan MYSELF.

    thanks AGAIn
  4. by   BlessedbyGod
    You are right Eliza, I couldn't said it better myself. I wish you the best for your upcoming test. I believe that you can/will do it. Remember to let us know how you did.
  5. by   BlessedbyGod
    Hello Everyone, just wanted to bring this back up.

    Passing NCLEX is such an accomplishment, to all who have passed


    For those with upcoming test, Believe in yourself.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from BlessedbyGod
    Hello Everyone, just wanted to bring this back up.

    Passing NCLEX is such an accomplishment, to all who have passed


    For those with upcoming test, Believe in yourself.
    Thank you so very much, BlessedByGod. Your words are truthful, enlightening, and mystically inspirational. Actually, these forums are quite blessed to have you aboard!
  7. by   BlessedbyGod
    Thank you so much Commuter for the kind words. I always hope that I say something that will help and bless someone in a special way. I know your test is coming up and I am praying that you will pass, I believe you can do it.

    I've seen so many people just from the time I have joined this site post questions and ask for encouragement before taking their exam (including myself) and have came out on top.

    This site was a real blessing to me, I'm glad I found it and I'm happy to be a nurse (finally ).
  8. by   Tru
    hi there! i'll be having my exam on the 23rd and i'm a little anxious actually, but being in this forum is helping me a lot to believe...but i still need your prayers..hehehe...i've been reviewing saunders and ms suzanne's review plan as well. I just hope things will be alright God Bless!:angel2:
  9. by   JentheRN05
    I agree, my education was strong enough that I didn't need to study to pass the NCLEX. I was concerned, but the fact was the exams at school were harder than the NCLEX. At least in my opinion. In fact, so much so, I kept thinking, I have GOT to be failing because these questions are TOO easy.
    Obviously I passed.
    I would never suggest that you don't study like I did, but do know that if you passed nursing school, there's a reason. You know the stuff, just believe in yourself and you will do fine.
  10. by   Elizabeth19
    wow, geez, im a new member and also currently preparing for my nclex which i will take this january, thanks a lot for all your advices and will be needing all your prayers, i want to pass the first take, and i claim i will... tc
  11. by   eRyL
    thanks for uplifting words..i will take my nclex this december 29..ive done a lot of questions and reading..but somtimes i can really feel that my heart is palpating maybe im stress or nervous..but i keep on thinking about the success of my coming exam..and give my confidence in God..i know through God's help..there is nothing impossible..pls include me also in your prayers..there's nothing more i could ask this christmas than for the good health of my loved ones and passing this very important exam in my life..thanks for the friends guyz have been a big help also...