third time's a charm!

  1. I wasn't sure if i should post anything but I decide to hoping that I could encourage others. Today I took the NCLEX RN for the 3rd time and got the good pop up! here is my story and I hope to help someone else keep going when they want to give up. The first time I took my test I hardly studied I felt like I just got out of school and I should know this stuff I did review some things and do questions but nothing like I should have! I think I was over confident! I had 75 questions and it shut off! I was so excited and felt so good about it! Then I did the PVT and was crushed! I cried for a few days and was depressed for awhile! I worked so hard to get here and so ruined it! I took a break for a few weeks and didn't know where to begin. I heard such great things about Kaplan and decide I would spend the money on Kaplan - it is way to much information. I have a two year old and work a full time job so trying to fit in all of Kaplans information was impossible for me! I just didn't have enough time in the day to get it all in I did as much of it as possible and tried to go for the nclex again. This time I had the full test all 265 questions. I knew when I walked out I failed but I was hopeful. I knew I did better than the first time but just not good enough. I did try the PVT trick and of course it went to the credit card page : ( I wasn't as hurt this time but I knew I had to get right back onto study!

    so on my third and final attempt, I'm in Florida and we only get 3 tries and then we have to take a remedial course! This time I jumped right back into study mode I didn't take any time off the information was so fresh and I needed to keep building. I tried the NCSBN course and I loved it - I also used exam cram and Saunders. I made sure to do at least 100 questions a day plus study content.

    unlike my last two tries in which I wore leggings and just went comfy no make up or anything. I read someone else's story and they said they got up got dress and did their hair and makeup. So I said why not maybe I will feel better about all of this. My test was at 8am, I woke up at 4:30am not by choice I just couldn't sleep. I went over a few labs and looked at a video about SATA questions and read something I didn't see much of before and it was to treat the SATA questions as true or false questions which was great and you should try it, it really helped me. After going over things for a little while - I did my hair, put on makeup and put on a nice outfit but comfy at the same time. My boyfriend got up with me to support me which helped me stay calm. We stopped to get coffee and got to Pearson way to early! I considered going over some more stuff but it was pointless I couldn't focus on anything I read. Finally at 7:30am they unlocked the door and I went inside very confident and felt good about it all - I wasn't even stressed which was a shock to me because this was my last chance! I walked in and took my time on every question but I didn't over think anything I went with my gut. I had 75 questions and walked out feeling great. I waited 5 to 10 minutes and logged onto Pearson Vue and the "status" said "delivery successful" so I tried to register and I got the good pop up! we were two hours from home and I checked about 20 times on the way home to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

    my best advice is - Do NOT give up! you made it through nursing school and you can get through the NCLEX. Good luck to everyone who has yet to take it!
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    Congrats I will be taking the nclex for the 2nd time in 3 wks...I am using Hurst this time, which is helping me so much more than Kaplan. I will be signing up for the NCSBN 3wk only for the questions...what were your scores on ncsbn???...thank you so much for sharing...GO and CELEBRATE RN!!!
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    Thank you so much! My ncsbn scores varied from the high 60s to high 70s.. I didn't get to finish them all either but I thought it helped me out the most! I never tried the Hurst review just keep your head up and stay positive!
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    I took mine today too. Also in Florida. I got the good pop up window. I don't know if it really works. It's going to be a long weekend for both of us. Good luck to you!!
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    Thanks for sharing!!..Did you do the lectures and qs? or just qs?...I am feeling confident this around..I have been doing saunders/exam cram and lippicott's alt qs...I heard ncsbn is like the real nclex style q's? do you think so? ...congrats again!
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    It works! Believe me! lol this is my 3rd time and the first two times the credit card page comes up if you fail! Congrats!
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    I did the lectures and the questions, I do feel the questions are similar some of the questions on the test seemed familiar I don't know if it was just because I studied so much or if they really work similar to the practice questions I had! And thank you!!
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    Congrats! How long did it take you to finish most of ncsbn questions? I'm currently going over content, I want to do the three week review of ncsbn but the questions only do you think I will be able to finish the questions in two weeks?
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    ac1234 I think you should be able to do all the questions in 2 weeks, I did the content and questions in 3 weeks. I didn't finish the questions but I could have if I would have spent maybe 1 or 2 more hours. and thank you! I did the questions in 2 or 3 days about an hour a day. I have a two year old so it was getting harder to study and make time for him! so I choose to spend 1 hour at home and the rest of the time with him and I would try to do a lot of it while working (I have a desk job)
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    Congratulations to you!! Great story about not giving up!! The whole testing system is from Mars, so it takes some tips and lots of practice to truly master it. Plus, all the extra study you put in...that will benefit you on the job so much! I'm sure you made so many connections during the study that you will be so fresh and ready for whatever job comes next! NCLEX is the gauntlet; succeeding on the job is the real test! Congratulations again!
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    I am freaking out! I had my 3rd attempt on 12/13/2013 after my first attempt of 265 questions and my second with 112. I did the Pearson trick all three times. The first two times I went straight to the cc page . And this time it has a pop up stating my results are on hold and I am unable to register. It is not the pop up saying I already have a test scheduled, contact your nursing board. I don't know what to think :/.
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    I have never seen that pop up I heard others mention it but I have no clue what it means! I hope you passed!