The last thing I expected to see tonight..!!

  1. I passed!!!!!!!!!! I looked on the BON site... as usual.. anytime that I get on my computer... and my name was changed AND it says ACTIVE!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!! I feel like I just got engaged again! woohoo!!!!!!!!! what a relief... proof that 1-prayer DOES work... and two... test takers that fail the first time CAN pass on the second round! Just have confidence!!!

    ... I'm officially a nurse! I can hardly believe it.
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  3. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Congrats!! Well done! New RN!! :hatparty:
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  5. by   RNKay31
    Congratulations, For a moment looking at the topic of the thread I almost thought you fail, once again congratsenguin: enguin: enguin:
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  6. by   EricJRN
    Good job, ashley_michelle! We had faith in you.
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    Congrats to you...
  11. by   queenisjoyce
  12. by   ashley_michelle
    Thank you all SO much for your prayers and support! I still can't believe it. Thank you!!
  13. by   RNKay31
    You very welcome hun.
  14. by   RN5406
    Congrats! You give me hope! I took the NCLEX today (2nd time too) and am going crazy over it! The first time it cut off at 75. I knew I did not pass...I had too many things on my plate at that time. Today I took it and when I got to 76, I breathed a sigh of relief because I knew the test did not give up on me. Now I am going back and forth in my head hoping that I did ok. I don't even know what number it cut off at! I was trying not to pay attention. I think it cutoff somewhere around 138-144. Who knows! I just pray that it was "enough!"