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Hi everyone, I took the NCLEX earlier today and I feel horrible about how it went. I graduated at the top of my class from one of the top 10 nursing programs in the country, I scored in the 96th... Read More

  1. by   Alex_RN
    Quote from nursenat6
    During the test I remember thinking how shocked I was that neither my nursing program nor U-World prepared me to answer so many of the questions.
    I felt the same way and did not feel confident about ANY of the questions. I had always been strong in pharm and did not recognize ANY of the drugs. However, my program and prep must have been good because, like you, I passed with nearly the minimum questions.
  2. by   fibroblast
    I remember the first question I received on the NCLEX. Interesting how my nursing program didn't teach it to me, nor would I have thought to study it. However, I did know the answer. I thought if the rest are at this level, I won't pass. After 85 questions, I was done.

    You passed.
  3. by   newnurse Fresno
    That's exactly how I felt and even after the good pop up I was still convinced I failed. I bet you passed!!
  4. by   Destiny08
    I think every nurse can tell you that after taking the NCLEX, you won't have a good feeling about it. I'm sure you did great on it. 😊