Talk about an Nclex nightmare

  1. so I arrived at the testing center yesterday, ready and rearing to go. had prepared plenty and was kicking butt on all the suanders review questions. I sat down, started off and know I got the first question right, i am plugging along doing really well in my mind and as # 75 comes up i answer it right in my mind and am praying it shuts off, the screen flickers and i get excited then #76 comes up, at # 100 my eye started to hurt, than i got a question about viral conjunctivitis, then i got a cramp in my leg around # 175. i finish up answering all 265 in like 2 hours, knowing I kicked butt but confused as to how it kept going. so i get up and immediately my leg kills, then the test lady is like wow your eye is bright red, i go to the doctors, I have keratoconjunctivitis that was acting up the entire test and also found out i have a calf muscle tear that somehow got reaggrivated while taking the test! to make matters worse I am in a direct entry msn program and have a test tomorrow, the wait is killing me! does anyone know if they randomly pick people to get all 265 questions each day? and support/enouragement would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    what a day you had, you are not picked randomly to answer 265 questions it is all done on how well you are doing answering the questions. Good luck
  4. by   Alpha06BSN
    I understand your stress I felt good about the test the whole way I thought and still got 265. But, to answer your question alot of my classmates said that pearson told them that some people are given the whole 265 at random but, than again I heard the opposite. Anyway keep praying and stay positive. I'm waiting for my results as well, took my test Monday.
  5. by   TanyaSBU
    Wow that sounds like a bad day. Well, I took my exam this past Sat, I had 265 questions too and 49hours later I found out I passed! Not sure about them picking people randomly for all 265 questions. But keep your head up! Try to relax as hard as it is..oh I know.. but you did your best. :spin:Good luck. And let us know how you did.
  6. by   *lisa*
    Sounds like you had a rough day. Good luck and let us know how you did!!
    I had a terrible NCLEX experience myself. It was storming the day I took mine and I was a nervous wreck. I sit down at my computer and I can hear thundering but faze it out and answer about 10 questions when the power goes out and my computer shuts off!!! I think everyone in that testing center had a short break down. When the computers came back up we were right where we left off thankfully but it took forever. Then at about 60 questions in the same thing happened again. Thank goodness it cut off at 75 because I don't know how much more of that I could have taken.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    There is no random selection of who gets maximum questions, it goes by how the questions were answered and the computer deciding whether or not you can be considered to be a safe practitioner. If by 75 it still was not sure (as it was in your case), it keeps shooting out questions until it decides whether you are or not, or if you ran out of time. There can be any # of questions, even like 101, 189, etc...

    Good luck!