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27 year old single mom to 3 and one due January 23, 2008. Sara(6), Justin(4), and Eric(2)

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  1. *lisa*

    Taking nclex tomorrow, stop studying? Please reply please

    I would stop. It may just add to your uneasy feelings. Good luck!!
  2. *lisa*

    Took Nclex and panicking

    I think alot of people come out thinking they failed(I know I had feeling like I wasn't sure at all if I passed or failed) I got 87 questions and a few of the topics were repeated. Good luck!! Oh yeah and despite that I did pass :)
  3. *lisa*

    Took Nclex-PN this morning,after a gallstone attack!

    Good luck :)
  4. *lisa*

    75 questions this time...did I fail?

    It seems that ALOT of people feel that way when they take the NCLEX. I felt the same way last week when i took it. I took the PN but i also got the same type of questions as you and had the awful feeling like I must have failed. I found out the next day throught the automated license look up that I passed. You just can't tell by the number of questions. Good luck!!
  5. *lisa*

    Just took NCLEX PN

    I would hold off on planning until you get your results. chances are good that you passed :) Good luck!!
  6. *lisa*

    Did anyone Pass NCLEX-RN with 265 questions?

    I know someone who passed at the number of questions. i took the nclex pn last monday and got my results over the phone(automated number) the next day. Since you took yours saturday maybe you can call for your results today or tomorrow. Good luck!!
  7. *lisa*

    I took it twice & Passed on #2... WHAT I HAVE LEARNED

  8. *lisa*

    I think I failed.

    I just took the nclex pn on monday and got automated telephone results the next day and my website results by day 2. I don't know about weekend results. I would wait it out. It may not show til Monday. Good luck!!
  9. *lisa*

    I Pass!!!!!!!!! And Few Things That Helped

  10. *lisa*

    I PASSED NCLEX-PN 5TH TIME (just never gave up)!

    CONGRATS!!! :) :balloons:
  11. *lisa*

    Did I pass the NCLEX?

    I think I started the test around 10:15 or so and finished at 12 something. I called this AM at 7 something and my name wasn't on there. I called back around 8:30am and it had my name, license and exp date :) This is for the state of VA.
  12. *lisa*

    Talk about an Nclex nightmare

    Sounds like you had a rough day. Good luck and let us know how you did!!
  13. *lisa*

    Saunders for NCLEX

    I thought it was a great review with good content but the questions on the nclex seemed a little more vague then those questions(if that makes sense. I do think its a great review though. I did about 100-200 questions a day and passed yesterday at 87 questions(LPN) Good luck!!
  14. *lisa*

    I passed my Nclex-Pn!!!

  15. *lisa*

    Did I pass the NCLEX?

    I had the same feeling when I took the NCLEX yesterday and I found out this AM that I passed(called the state bons automated license verification #) Good luck :) Let us know. We are here it is certainly a hard wait!
  16. *lisa*

    lpn license

    You can also look up the that info on the state bon website. I just got my license today and it says when it will expire under my name.