Taking My NCLEX-RN on Tuesday! Any advice??!?!?

  1. OK..... so I take my NCLEX this Tuesday 2/27/2007 and I am sooo nervous! To study I did EVERY SINGAL QUESTION in the Saunder's Review book, including the Comprehensive Test at the end, a total of 1,800 questions. I have done 130 questions on the included CD and I plan to do some more studying tomorrow, but I will not study the day before the exam (Monday).

    I also have the Saunder's Q&A book but I didn't get to it yet, so I most likely won't have time to use it to study.

    I guess I am making myself nervous because I counted my questions for each section and scored them and I got between a 69%-87% on each section, but only a 69% on the comprehensive test!!!

    I don't think there is any way I can pass my NCLEX with a score like that! I don't want to reschedule my test, but I don't want to fail it either.

    Has anyone recently taken the NCLEX and can offer some advice?? Thanks!!! :studyowl:
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  3. by   onduty23
    just take your time. i am not going to lie to you the nclex is hard but seeing as most folks pass it is doable. good luck
  4. by   Sheri257
    I think it's smart not to study the day before the exam. I was so oversaturated that I had to clear my head beforehand.

    I went into it realizing I wasn't going to know everything and that it would be tough so, I took a lot of time with the first 75 questions. I wanted to shut down at 75 because I don't like long tests, so I really focused on getting as many right from the beginning.

    Remember that 15 of the questions don't count so, if you don't know something, it may be one of the throw away questions. I also worked out a full hour that morning to try to relieve the stress a bit.

    I wouldn't worry about NCLEX guide test scores. It's more important to understand the questions and the material.

    Good luck!

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  5. by   sistrmoon
    I just took it this past Wednesday, and passed with 75 questions. When I left, I felt sure that I'd failed. I had done all the questions out of 4 books and had studied for roughly 2 months. Try to keep in mind that you'll probably feel as if you aren't doing well and try not to panic. Read each question very carefully, choose, and move onward. Remember that the test maintains you at a level where you're scoring at roughly 50% correct, so it will *feel* like you're bombing it. Best of luck. It's a tough test and the waiting afterwards is probably the hardest part.

  6. by   luvmypuggles
    At least in New York they only make you wait 2 days for your results. :stone
  7. by   whirlwind
    be positive... pray and have a goodnights sleep..:melody:
  8. by   medchick
    I agree with everyone who said to relax before and during the test. I just took mine two weeks ago and passed with 75 questions. When I left the building I sat in my car and cried because I thought I failed. We only had to wait two days for our results too. Do what studying you can and tomorrow relax. As long as you understand the concepts behind the information they give you, you should be just fine. Good luck.
  9. by   dansamy
    Read each question carefully and be sure you understand what it is asking you.
  10. by   Leilah75_RN
    good luck. pray and take a deep breath you will do fine