1. Hi all,

    Right now I am preparing for NCLEX RN exam. I just read the Kaplan's book and about to complete saunders. But I am not so familiar with CD's practice tests. Please those who have experience share your ideas that whether it is good to focus on the content(theory) or in the practice tests? Thank you.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Moving this to the NCLEX Forum since it is specific to that exam.
  4. by   bebe13
    the theoretical aspects will help you in answering the practice tests. in my experience, i got a better hold of those theories in the process of answering the practice tests. i was able to retain more by applying them in the different questions i encounter.

    anyway, i prepared using suzanne's guide plus lots of prayers --- it worked for me.

    all the best to you in your exam.
  5. by   whirlwind
    answer more practice test questions....
    i am doing suzannes plan....
  6. by   rashmi
  7. by   jessi.rn
    do both, you need all the theory to help answer the questions, when you are answering questions then you will start building your critical thinking skills and will see what you should be looking for in the answer, but you cant do this without having a good knowledge foundation. good