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Hello All, THIRD TRY IS A CHARM, finally!!! I am so ecstatic and still can't believe it, after failing twice, I HAVE PASSED my Nclex-Pn, received the results in the mail today after a month of... Read More

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    Enjoy!! and good luck for you career. :hatparty:
  2. by   sbed85
    Thank you all again for the replies and sweet greetings! I will be starting to work as an LVN tomorrow, went to apply for jobs the whole day today and yesterday and finally got three offers that Iam most interested. I accepted the best one today and will start my orientation tomorrow, the best part is, the place is located 2 minutes away from my house and has the best start rate. I will work for at least a year to gain experience then maybe go back to school to pursue RN afterwards. THANK U ALL FOR EVERYTHING, God bless u!!

    RGarcia, LVN
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  4. by   7Laquisha
    Throught out the LPN program I struggle a LOT it didn't come easy for me. I graduated in May. I tested on July 30th. I failed. I study for two weeks and I was more focused on memorizing facts and doing questions not looking at the rationals. Obviously it didn't help! When I took the Nclex I was worry about the time I was nervous and somewhat calm. Most questions I didn't kno what to pick, just like the nursing test at school. After failing I took 2 months off I was just depressed. I couldn't belive I worked so hard for nothing. But to be an LPN I need to pass. The first time I studied Lippincott(sucks!!!!), Davi's, and Comprehensive review for LPN. Four of my friends said do Exam Cram and Kaplan online course($400). Kaplan passing rate is 98% according to the website. I wanna do kaplan's review course online b/c for one I think I forgot nursing content. "What your not learning you are forgetting" I been out of nursing school for about 4 months!!! I guess at the beginning I just wanted to take my chances and pass. Now I really want to pass the second time. But since I know everything comes hard for me I dont kno what to do. Please leave me sugguestions of books you have heard are good to study. And do u guys think I should do the Kaplan course???
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