So I FAILED NCLEX 10/14/17

  1. So I just took NCLEX on Saturday and failed horribly! I feel so defeated! I felt like I knew nothing, what I did know I got confused because the question kind of had a curve and instead of picking the RIGHT answer that I knew was right I picked the wrong thing! I trembled during the whole exam with the mouse in my hand! I feel so defeated and I just don't know where to go from here.... I bought UWORLD finished the whole Qbank but, yet here I am. If anyone has any suggestions or tip PLEASE PLEASE let me know what you did to over come this beast NCLEX.

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  3. by   SilentscrubRN
    You just used uworld only?try other review materials..what topics came out?
  4. by   pixierose
    Give us some more info ... what do you think went wrong? Test anxiety? What content-specific areas do you feel weaker in? Did you only use UWorld?

    I'm not sure what you mean by the question kinda having a curve...
  5. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    What was your percentage??
  6. by   hopefulRN'17
    Hurst review + uworld = <3
  7. by   MacaroonRN
    Did you read all the rationales for uworld?
    I found that's what really helped me!
  8. by   masonorrn
    I used Kaplan to help me choose the right answer, and uworld for content, passed NCLEX RN. Try practicing lots of "Who would you see first" questions and SATAS.
  9. by   FLgirl28
    I know how you feel. I failed two weeks ago at 265. At times you feel like just giving up but we didn't make it out of Nursing school to stop here. We have to keep going. I have been using hurst review and it's been a great help. I used Uworld and did all the questions and failed, just like what you're going through. I figured since it worked for my classmates, surely it'll work for me too. However, everyone learns differently. Content is what we need. Please get the Hurst review online.
  10. by   Willian86
    Hi. I didn't pass the NCLEX-RN exam until my 4th attempt, hopefully you pass it on the next try.

    Hurst, PDA, Saunders and Remar review did not work for me.

    What i I did was got the Kaplan Strategies book and also NCLEX cram, red them entirely, and did all the questions. If I got a 70% or below on a chapter, I would re-read and go over the rationales. If I passed the chapter, I would continue on.

    You have to to figure out what works for you. Studying 3 hours/day or doing 150/day did not work for me, it only exhausted me and I did not retain anything.
  11. by   NavyER
    A few years back I failed on my first attempt. I did not study beforehand. After the test, I used Hurst Review and I passed! I studied the notes hard for 2 months. Hurst review seriously saved my butt!
  12. by   Edem w
    I failed also on my third try but am not giving up..i pray the 4th time God see me through it..
  13. by   NurseV85
    Well I have really bad test anxiety. Then while I'm reading some questions I knew the answer but because there was something a little extra in the question/answers it made me second guess myself and i picked the wrong thing, knowing the right answer already. I only used Uworld. I'm not very good at retaining info just from reading a book. I really need to figure out how to study and what works best for me.
  14. by   NurseV85
    I got up to 96 questions