Should I be afraid of April 1, 2007, help please SOS

  1. I am schedule to take the NCLEX-RN exam in mid-March but, I might need extra time. The only available date is in April, and I know the Nclex- Rn exam will change. I am asking, should I be afraid of the new NCLEX? is the format the same? or it's just the level of difficulty will change? If am studying now what should I change to test in April 2007. Please, I need answers, I reseached it and still have questions.
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  3. by   luvmypuggles
    Maybe, the updated questions may be more difficult. I'd say just take it, you can do it. Be confident and have no worries
  4. by   Leda
    On April 1, 2007 the NCLEX-RN passing standard will be raised slightly. The overall distribution of content per the detailed test plan and the format (type) of questions will not change in a noticable way. The passing standard is raised every 3 years and the overall first time pass rate has not historically been affected by this. So, to answer your question don't be afraid of the "new NCLEX" because it isn't new at all. Take the time that you need to fully be prepared and be confident in your ability to pass the NCLEX. Best wishes for NCLEX success.
  5. by   dollface99
    Thanks for your replies, I will wait and prepare myself fully before taking the NCLEX a second time. I think that if one is prepared ,thats the most important factor in passing the NCLEX. Thanks again for the encouragement
  6. by   attyrn
    i think the new nclex will be of the same format and that the only thing that will change is the level of measuring the capability of the examinee.
  7. by   Sheri257
    If you're worried about the April 1 changes but feel you need more time ... look for cancellations on the Pearson website.

    I too was scheduled several weeks in advance but, at my testing site at least, there were always last minute cancellations the day before and, there were even more last minute cancellations if you were willing to drive further to other sites. You could probably do this all the way up to April 1 if you wanted to.

    They'll let you take those cancelled slots at any time ... you just need to make sure you cancel or reschedule your own appointment 24 hours ahead of time.

    When I was ready, I just looked for last minute cancellations ... and, sure enough, I was able to take the test the very next day.

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  8. by   NurseLatteDNP
    Our instructors said, there will be more fill in the blank and more multiple choice questions to promote critical thinking.
  9. by   Sheri257
    Funny ... I didn't see any fill in the blank questions on the NCLEX. Didn't hear of anybody getting fill in the blanks either.

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  10. by   dollface99
    This is my second attempt at the NCLEX-RN, and on the first I never had fill in the blanks. One can only hope that it is minimal fill in the blanks on their NCLEX examination. Thanks for the info guys