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hi,everyone here's some study tips to remember! example to remember antianxieties meds,think of smelling leaves not roses, normally we think smelling the roses as a way to relax. In thinking of anti... Read More

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    hi,im back! hehehe:chuckle well,think "Hotdog in a BUN"

    (BUN)Blood Urea Nitrogen,is a by product of metabolism. An elevated BUN is a sign of dehydration,renal failure or GI bleeding. A key to remember the normal value of BUN level is to;

    Think of the junk food thatmost people in the 8-20 y/o age group eat:hamburgers,hotdogs.Then associate it with hotdog buns and hamburger buns.Thus 8-20mg/dl is the normal BUN range.

    well,it varies in different books...:roll
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    Quote from Aquarian
    Mag Sulfate

    (:Melody: Sung to the tune of "Achy,Breaky Heart")

    Decreased BP,
    Decreased Pee Pee,
    These are toxic signs of Mag Sulfate.
    Drop in respiratory rate,
    Patellar reflex there ain't,
    Give antidote calcium gluconate!
    (One more time)

    *taken from the Pharma Book Made Insanely Easy by Manning and Rayfield.
    i really like this one...hehehehe
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    Factors affecting CHOLECYCTITIS/CHOLELITHIASIS, remember 4 F's

    F - female
    F - forty (40 yr olds)
    F - Fat (obesity)
    F - Fried foods
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    Mnemonic for remembering "antiarrhythmics" DRUGS

    procainamide = professor
    quinidine = quackers
    disopyramide= dissed/dismiss

    lidocaine = lydia's
    phenytoin = penny
    mexiletine = mexican
    tocainide = tacos

    flecainide = feeling
    propafenone= profaned

    propanolol = proper
    beta blockers = bertha butt

    amiodarone = amiable
    bretylium = british
    solatol = socialite

    verapamil = virtually
    diltiazem = dismembered 'im

    READ AS: Pofessor Quackers"dissed" - Lydia's penny Mexican tacos.
    Feeling profaned,proper Bertha butt,(amiable British socialite),
    virtually dismembered 'im.

    got these thru browsing on the net.... hope it helps coz i heard a lot who took nclex that the exam is more on medication,same experienced as mine when i took my nclex for the 1st time and unfortunately i failed. so all i can say is goodLUCK to all of us try and try until we succeed:spin:
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    INTRAUTERINE DEVICES (IUD) - complications

    P - Period late; abnormal spotting or bleeding
    A - Abdominal pain; pain with coitus
    I - Infection exposure, abnormal vaginal discharge
    N - Not feeling well, fever or chills
    S - String missing, shorter or longer

    taken from: Maternity Nursing 6th edition by Lowdermilk and Perry
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    i love this!!!

    lpn student in oregon
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    Thanks ..I am adding this page to my come they have not mark this page as a sticky?
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    some good ones in the nursing student main forum, also stickied:

    love the ones listed here!
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    P=pulmonary embolism

    "assessment Mastitis" pospartum complication

    E=elevated temperature
    C=complain of flu like symptoms
    L=localized heat

    well,hope it helps add to your notes...goodluck to all of us:spin:
  10. by   zm259
    crush walking

    good goes to heaven

    bad goes to hell

    meaning when u go UP STAIRS start with the good leg(good goes to heaven)
    when u go DOWN STAIRS start with the bad one( bad goes to hell)

    ha ha good luck .
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    zm how is ur studying going? Good luck.
  12. by   jodyangel
    I was just taught 5 F's!!
    • Female
    • Fat (obesity)
    • Fair (Caucasian, but this is disputed by recent studies)
    • Forty (middle-aged)
    • Fertile (with increased risk in pregnancy)
    Quote from jls1117
    Factors affecting CHOLECYCTITIS/CHOLELITHIASIS, remember 4 F's

    F - female
    F - forty (40 yr olds)
    F - Fat (obesity)
    F - Fried foods
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    drugs to remember

    "cardio selective"( a beam)

    a= acebutolol

    "beta receptor activity"

    one- heart two - lungs

    beta 1= primarily on heart

    airway is beta 2 receptors

    "spinal meds"

    little boys prefers toys


    well,study makes easy! just be :d