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hi,everyone here's some study tips to remember! example to remember antianxieties meds,think of smelling leaves not roses, normally we think smelling the roses as a way to relax. In thinking of anti... Read More

  1. by   EzBSN
    hi! i'll contribute one...
    for dementia remember the acronym jamco-memory impairment diagnostic criteria:
    j- judgement
    a- affect
    m- memory
    c- confusion
    o- orientation
  2. by   EzBSN
    and before i forget, remember also the 3 r's
    routine, reinforcement, repetition:icon_roll
    this are the key aspects of care not only for the mentally retarded but for the geriatric client with dementia as well...:bowingpur
  3. by   Aquarian
    Mag Sulfate
    (:Melody: Sung to the tune of "Achy,Breaky Heart")

    Decreased BP,
    Decreased Pee Pee,
    These are toxic signs of Mag Sulfate.
    Drop in respiratory rate,
    Patellar reflex there ain't,
    Give antidote calcium gluconate!
    (One more time)
    *taken from the Pharma Book Made Insanely Easy by Manning and Rayfield.
  4. by   Aquarian

    In Heaven, there is Peace (Heparin - Protamine sulfate)

    In War, there is Killing (Warfarin - Vit. K)
  5. by   praeclarus
    Quote from leilah75
    i have learned 12 cranial nerves from my nursing instructor a very kinda odd way lol. here's how he made us memorize it.
    feel a-facial
    very- vestibulocochlear
    sweet-spinal accessory

    lol anyways hope that makes sense.
    Leilah! I'm sure you edited this one. hahaha!
    The original version is still easier to memorize, dont you think?! :roll:

    This is great! I'm taking notes!
  6. by   renri4
    S/S that may be associated with child 'CANCER'

    C=continued unexplained wt. loss
    H=headaches,often with vomiting at night or early morning
    I=increased swelling, persistent pain in bones,joints back,legs
    L=lump or mass, ( abdomen,neck,chest,pelvic,armpits)
    D=development of excessive bruising,bleeding and rash

    C=constant infxn.
    A=a whitish color behind the pupil
    N=nausea wich persist or vomiting w/o nausea
    C=constant tiredness or noticeable paleness
    E=eye or vision changes
    R=recurrent fever of unknown origin

    well that's it! hope it helps!
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  7. by   rafRN
    Oh my....I love this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!so much information you can get..keep it up and please post more hehehe...
  8. by   nservice
    I can't remember where I heard this, but I think of Beta Blockers as the "don't give a sh*t pills".

    lowers B/P, Heart rate,
    can cause fatigue, drowsiness, cold hands/feet, dizziness, impotence, depressison.

    A lot of people who take beta blockers act like they just "don't give a sh*t"!!!
  9. by   renri4
    Muscuskletal Tx. "prices/rice

    P= pressure


    you got IT!!! :roll :typing post more, soon.....
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  10. by   renri4
    "ASSESSMENT" dehydration

    D=dry skin & mucous membrane
    E=eyeball/fontannel sunken
    Y= you feel coolness/mottling of the extremeties
    D=delayed capillary filling time
    R= response to stimuli/LOC changes
    A= absence of tears
    I=increase urine specific gravity
    N=no/loss skin turgor and elasticity

    keep on going! goodluck...:trout:
  11. by   inkbh
    Somebody know how to easier to remember glascow coma.

  12. by   renri4
    how to remember the basic framework of the 'GLASCOW COMA SCALE'?

    EYE opening: 4 eyes (glasses)
    MOTOR: 6 cylinder engine
    VERBAL:jackson 5

    gives you a total of 15
  13. by   ArielleLVN
    Do you know easy way to remember lab. values?