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  1. Anyone doing Kaplan again after failing for the first time? I'm having anxiety right now. I failed my first exam with the use of Kaplan, and now I'm using Kaplan again with la charity, ncsbn, Saunders and nclex 4000 for my questions and answer. And for my content I have Kaplan brown book. If I don't understand some of the topic, I make sure to google and read through it. However, I just took my qtrainer 5 today after months of taking the first qt5 I got 52 and now after doing questions and reading rationales with different resources, for the second time I got 62%.. Any input will be much appreciated.. Any tips that I should be doing for 3weeks before my second attempt?
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  3. by   dream2bnurse1234
    Wat did you get on your sample test and w 6 and 7? You seem ready to me ive seen your posting! i like watching the kaplan content videos and then read a little content everyones different tho i test the last week of august so this week im just watchig all the content videos reading the book and doing questions i did sample test 3 today got a 87 but mu qbank is 53 i still have to do q trainer 6 and 7
  4. by   jayz1989
    Are you taking your first time? I haven't done 6 and 7. My past score were 55% for both. I'm still going over qt5 q and a and rationale. As o go through with the question I have my brown Kaplan book and go through to the topic I missed.
  5. by   yolandaoz
    What's the brown Kaplan Book, and is that part of the package.
  6. by   nikkibroddy
    I passed the second time on the 11th of this month I had the same sources that you listed. I did my review a little different. After taking my 110 questions the day before, the next day I would go into the qbank and instead of selecting unused questions, I selected incorrect questions. I looked at the reason why I missed that question the day I took it but I found out that when I did a test with only the ones that I missed I remembered them better and also the reason why I missed it in the first place.
  7. by   nikkibroddy
    So after all my qbanks where used up, all I had left was incorect ones, that was my reivew the last week and the week of my test date. My rational was if I got the answer right, then there was no reason to review unless I guessed at the answer, then I would review. LaCharity is good with PDA! The first time I took the test I had lot of priority. This time I also had alot but also delegation. I used the same technique with that book as well. I just covered up my answers before looking at the question and then right the anser down on a piece of paper. I only used these two sources and Kaplan strategies and practice book (green one) even though I had all of the ones that you listed. I did not take Kaplan the first time, I did my own with Saunders and I failed. I think Saunders questions did not prepare me for how the NCLEX questions are set written and set up, Kaplan did!! I hope this helps.