Saunders NCLEX-RN question

  1. How much of a percent should I be getting while studying? On average I do between 25-100 questions a day. I get all sorts of grades. (depending on the topic) I was just wondering what would be considered ok. I want to pass the first time. I do still have time to study so even if I am below that level now I have time to study harder.
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  3. by   smn2010
    I was once told, by a nursing instructor, that you should try for a goal of 75% when using the Saunder's textbook. Hope this helps. I know with Kaplan it is 65%.
  4. by   oguesswhat
    Ehh...I will be studying a little harder then :-p On the 100 question tests I have gotten 65% and 69% (I did a lot of smaller 10 question quizes too but you miss one you loose 10%...I have gotten anywhere from 60% to 100% on those.) I just started studying not even 2 weeks ago though.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Don't dwell on test scores. It is more important to make sure you understand the concepts. Study the rationales as you do questions and you should do well. Good luck.