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  1. Hello future NCLEX test takers and nurses,

    Brief introduction about myself, First and foremost I would like to thank GOD for my NCLEX success and all those encouraging posts that was posted by everyone who already took the NCLEX. I came on this site for support and it was more than I expected. It helped me tremendously narrow down my study materials and focus on the important aspects in order to conquer the NCLEX. I promised that if I did pass ill come back and share my experience that hopefully can help others in their NCLEX journey. I graduated as an LPN in June 2010 and took the boards in August 2010 and PASSED it the first time with minimum amount of questions. I then graduated in December 2012, took the boards in may and PASSED it the first time with the minimum amount of questions, HOW DID I SUCCEED? Simple, 3 words, DEDICATION, FAITH and KNOWLEDGE.


    1) KAPLAN online on demand package:

    I completed Q Trainers 1-6. I did not do Q trainer 7. Scores ranged from 50-60%, the highest was a 68%. Diagnostic exam i scored a 54%. I then watched all the videos and read the entire book cover to cover. I basically followed the syllabus religiously. I also completed 50-100 bank a day.

    2) PDA La Charity

    Completed all the chapters except the case studies. Scores 45-80%. Don't get discouraged by scores, just understand the why behind everything.

    3) Virtual ATI

    I didn't feel confident with only kaplan and PDA so i decided to complete the ATI online course. My school provided an entire package that included a tutor. This was the key to my success. It reinforced everything I learned an helped me understand the pathology of any disease I couldn't comprehend. When I was given the green light I new I was ready. The tutor is not going to let you test if you are not ready! PERIOD! if you score below the benchmark in any subject they wont let you move forward and if you score low on the the NCLEX comprehensive they will make you start from the beginning. IT works! Some students in my class only did this program and they all have passed!

    4) The unofficial Syllabus that's on this site

    I read it at work. The transmission based precautions part was great! it helped a lot! I also did some Saunders questions on the side.

    If you focus on 2 strong NCLEX review courses theres no way you'll fail! ATI has a 97% pass rate and Kaplan has a 98%. So choose 2 of the top NCLEX RN study programs and you WILL PASS! For example a lot of students who have taking hurst and kaplan together have had better success than those who only taking 1 source, think about it. The NCLEX is tougher than ever you need all the help you can get, Specially when they raised the bar to pass I was not taking any chances. I have to say if you don't feel prepared maybe you just not, You want to feel secure not shaky when your sitting down on front of that screen. So is better to be over prepared than under, & lets face it no one wants to repeat this test! So take your time and find the study materials that work for you. Once you do that organize your self. I had a calendar, so each day ill set up a goal that I had to complete before going to bed and stick to it! Remember this test is going to change your life forever!

    The NCLEX questions look similar to ,,,,,,,,NO QUESTIONS!!!! ,,,The key and the secret to passing the NCLEX RN is to manage your time and know your CONTENT!!!. I remember clearly the questions on the NCLEX, If you understand what they asking you and apply knowledge you'll be fine. I closed Facebook, instagram, tweeter any distractions was eliminated. My dates were put on hold, I had no social life , only study and work. Hey some can party and still pass, some can't! everyone is different. Only you know yourself. You have to find what works for you . I couldn't study at home so most of the time I went to my schools library until they closed. They knew my first name in Barnes & Nobles. The day before the test is true, don't study, go get a massage thats what i did, on the day of the test ate a nice breakfast, yoga, prayed took the train and listened to soft opera music on my way to the test site, it helped me relax and focus. Do not tell anyone your test date! it saves you a lot of pressure.

    GOOD LUCK to everyone thats about to begin this journey and congratulations to those who have ended this chapter. If you any questions please feel free to ask. Hope this helps!
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  3. by   BorgQueen1701
    My kaplan scores are also ranging from 50-60%. So your post gives me hope. Two more weeks to prepare, thank you for this.
  4. by   Chocolate_RN85
    Your welcome BorgQueen1701..Just focus on the rationals, and when you don't understand something go back and read about it! Good luck!
  5. by   Nepalnurse
  6. by   Chocolate_RN85
    Thanks Nepalnurse!
  7. by   ~mommyof2~
  8. by   deepu245
    Congratulations chocolate.... I got 50-70 in pda.., and i am bit freaked about those scores, my test is on next month..
  9. by   mul7371
    Me and my friends were all getting in the 60s from Hurst and I know for sure that I passed today and they feel very confident they did, too, although they can't find out until tomorrow.
  10. by   lretzlaff
    Congrats to the new Nurses. Can someone direct me to the syllabus that is somewhere on this site but I can not find it? My Nclex is July 25th I've been scoring in the 68-74 range with Kaplan but would like to see the syllabus that is helping everyone (more help the better). Thanks and again congrats it must feel amazing to finish the student chapter and begin the career you have worked so hard for!
  11. by   Chocolate_RN85
    Thanks Everyone! @deepu245 DO not worry about the scores! actually your scores are great compared to mine, just understand the rational. @Iretzlaff I'm new to this site not in terms of posting the thread that has the syllabus, i don't know how to do that but if you send me your email I can email it to you!
  12. by   Clo611
    Took NCLEX yesterday, I'm freaking out. 215 questions... yikes !!! Ran out of time. 60% or more were SATA's, which I'm sure it what took so long. No idea what to think, guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  13. by   mul7371
    Remember that if you run out of time, only your last 60 questions are graded. What everyone doesn't realize is that the more questions you get, the more opportunities they're giving you to pass. If they keep on with questions, at least you know you're still in the game so it's important not to lose focus and just start randomly selecting answers. Did you do the Pearson Vue trick? It proved true for everyone I know that has taken it since May. The couple of people I know that didn't pass got the credit card menu to go ahead and pay for the new registration, but everyone that passed got the popup that said you couldn't schedule and you should contact your board for assistance. Good luck!
  14. by   atom2013
    Just randomnly read this. What I needed for tonight. What a relief in a way. Thanks for sharing.