Results on a saturday??

  1. Two of my fellow nursing students took there Nclex today and I was curious to know if the BON posts info on Saturdays?? Or if the Nclex site operates on weekends too. Anything will help, thanx!!
    K.Peace, LPN
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  3. by   luna770
    earliest for results from california bon if exam taken today will be on tuesday..they do not refresh on the weekend..
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    I also took my NCLEX on a Saturday...had to reschedule it because of a death in the immediate family. I tried my best to avoid doing that; my first choice was to take it on a Wednesday in order to receive the results that Friday, but when I called to reschedule they told me that if I wanted to take it at the original site it was either to take it that following Saturday ( I came back into town day after my original appointment) or to wait two weeks. I couldn't wait any longer because I was going crazy and needed to put the test behind me.

    I was told that I had to wait 3 business days, but I happened to call the number that Monday evening just to walk myself through the process and the recording came on telling me that I had passed. I was so unsure that I called Pearson on Tuesday and asked if the ATT that I had was to be assigned to another person until Wednesday, or was that my actual number. The guy laughed and told me that it was in fact, my results, that sometimes, depending on the volume, they may even post as soon as that same evening. Good luck!
  5. by   RNtobe2007
    hey kpeace......i just got my test results this sunday morning and i passed! with the grace of god!

    so yes you do get quick results on the weekends!!
    so good luck!! may the good lord shower his blessings upon you and all waiting the dreaded nclex!
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    Congrats!! You see, they do post anytime!!!
  7. by   sony rn2b