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I passed! 75 questions....I was so nervous. I can't believe I am finally done!:monkeydance:... Read More

  1. by   nadu13
  2. by   luv2shop19mall
    congrats to you... I bet youre floating in the air w/ happines.. i too paaaaased 2 wweekks ago and today i got my office license.. whootwhoot. thanks sacramento..
  3. by   Oncnurse86
    Congratulations Luv to shop!! I just took mine yesterday and have to wait until Monday for the results...i'm a nervous wreck!!!! I was confident going into the exam but i felt like my brain was removed before i started!! The computer shut off at 75 but i feel like i guessed way too much! I had meds i'd never heard of, which suprised me b/c i felt really good about meds, and a ton of select all that apply which i never get right! Ahh i'm so scared!!
  4. by   sirI