Rescheduling NCLEX RN

  1. I feel like I am not ready, I have been studying very hard and the past few days I dont feel like it, I have less than 96 hours to write boards. Do you think I should rescedule. When I practice 265 questions I keep getting 70% right and I am not sure if its good enough
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    well, i dont think you can ever know enough or be ready enough for this exam. i can honestly say that after taking the test today, no amount of additional study would have prepared me for many of the ???'s I got. they werent even things we even touched on in school.

    you need to do what you are comfortable with, but i daresay you will NEVER feel ready!!! best wishes!
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  4. by   lilmama007
    Go ahead and take it. Like allthingsbright said, there's nothing in this world that can prepare you for those questions. The study questions in those books are a waste. I'd recommend getting a book dedicated specifically to prioritization because it's highly unlikely you'll see anything related to a disease process. Use you drug guide religiously and nevermind the obvious side effects, like tardive dyskinesia or NMS or Bradycardia, focus on those that don't stick out--those that you say oh, I know that (but then you get a drug you think you know and realize you know absolutely nothing about it)
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