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  1. To those who passed and who are preparing to take the NCLEX, what book or reference did you use for memorizing the lab values? I have values from Kozier's Fundamentals of Nursing, Saunders and Kaplan, and they are all different, but I know I have to use just one reference. What do you guys recommend?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    I used Saunders. I wouldn't stress too much about one source giving you slightly different ranges than another source. You probably won't have to split hairs, say between a potassium of 5.3 and one of 5.4. I think you just need to be able to know when a value is significantly abnormal or could cause a life threat.
  4. by   RNKay31
    I used Saunders also.
  5. by   heatherp75
    [font="comic sans ms"]i also used saunders to review lab values. i agree with eric, not that i remember specifically which lab values, but the ones they gave me in questions on the nclex were definately either within normal limits, or signifcantly outside normal limits. hope that helps!
  6. by   Vida
    anyone know where I can find a dependable reference online (for US values)? I too am finding slightly different numbers and dont really know which to learn. Funny how different they are from Canada...not only the values, but they way they are blood glucose: a 7 say, would be normal in canada...weird. Hope I remember the right one for the right country - ha.
  7. by   jls1117
    maybe you can try this website: i used this site for school...maybe it will help you too...but Saunders do have lab values also..either one..
  8. by   Vida
    hey thanks. nope dont have the saunders, this'll work.
    thank you!
  9. by   rnozaut