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  1. Hi everyone, please I am new to this forum. I just received my ATT today and I was given till January 8 to write the nclex. I have not scheduled yet. I have finished Saunders comprehensive review averaging 58% in the questions in the book. Now i am ready to start doing questions only till my exam date. I have some resources already, Exam cram, Maryann Hogan comprehensive review, Kaplan i purchased and have done like 200 questions, and la charity, Prepu nclex 10,000 & HESI question bank. I think it is too much resources, but some are saying that I should get UWORLD. I have the saunders questions that came with the book too. Please advice on how soon you guys think I should test and which materials that I can put more time. I just want to focus on the ones that truly mimic the nclex. Please guys recommend any material you think helped you the most or are closest to the nclex questions. I need you the good people of all nurses to help me. Any input will be appreciated. God bless you all as you comment to help. Thanks to you all.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Use what you have before buying more. Don't confuse your mind with too much information
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    Personally I used Kaplan (my school purchased so it was free), borrowed a friend's UWorld (their rationales are AMAZING) and downloaded the Lippincott NCLEX app. That seemed to do it for me! I honestly found the Kaplan questions waaaay harder than the actual NCLEX, so I guess it did help me prepare because I passed in 75! Although I admit I used to hate Kaplan at first.

    Sounds like you have a bit too many resources. I'd suggest not overwhelming yourself with so many different things. I would strongly suggest doing an overall content review in the different NCLEX categories (physiological adaptation, basic care & comfort, pharmacology...etc). Then practice as many questions as you can and make sure you read & understand EVERY rationale!!! Doing questions and not understanding the "why" behind the correct answer won't help. You have lots of time, so use it wisely! Good luck
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