Quick results on a Saturday???

  1. I took my test yesterday 2/8. I'm in Florida and we do have quick results. Should I expect it to be there this weekend or will I have to wait until Monday? Does anyone know????
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  3. by   onduty23
    48 hours is what it is? check tommorrow and tell us how you do

    good luck
  4. by   CARE4PEDS
    In the same boat as you. Took mine yesterday (8th). The waiting has been undoubtedly the worst part about all of this. I cannot even imagine waiting until Monday, but I am preparing myself for that.

    I have had several friends say that it took 3-4 BUSINESS days to get their results..... so, I am not counting on getting the result:stone :smilecoffeecup:

    Hang in there and let us know! Hoping for the best!!!!
  5. by   kathykaye

    Be sure to wait two business days after your test before you request your results!
  6. by   mom2michael
    It's 48 hours regardless of the day of the week - I think they put the "disclaimer" of the business days in case someone flips out that their results were not available for some unforseeable reason.

    I've never known anyone yet who could not access their results 48 hours after they tested, regardless of it being a Sat, Sun or a holiday as your results are posted via a computer.
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    Yes you can get results on a Saturday. When I took my boards back in July, I took them on a Thursday and found out Saturday. Good luck!
  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck... nclex never sleeps!