Questions regarding the NCLEX?

  1. Hi,

    I am a current nursing student in my 1st year and boy is it hard juggling full-time work, training and school but I manage.

    I was wondering if the NCLEX questions based on what you learned in nursing school? So what I mean is, do you have to retain all the information I was taught in school and remember all of that to pass on the NCLEX?

    Also, how many times can you take the NCLEX if you fail your first time? Can you take the NCLEX 1 day after you failed the test or do you have to wait a certain time before you can take it again? By the way I am in honolulu.

    Also how much does it cost to take the NCLEX?

    Is the NCLEX timed?

    And finally, is the NCLEX all multiple choice questions or are there fill in the blacks and essays invloved?

    Mahalo (thank you).
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  3. by   Paleobug
    IMO, nursing school doesn't give adequate preparation for NCLEX, especially with test strategies and what patient to see first. I don't work in a hospital setting yet, so there's things that I forget from my first semester two years ago. Because of this, I failed my first time and I'm retaking the test next month. It can be very aggravating in trying to pass this test after making the sacrifices to get through nursing school. I've been completely reviewing as much content as I can. The NCLEX test banks has around 10,000 questions. People do different strategies in preparing for the test. I've been using the Saunder's Comprehensive Review book and I will have done around 4500 questions by the time I'm done.

    The amount of times that you can take the test can vary from state to state. In my state, Nevada, I can only take it 3 times. However, I can go next door and take it unlimited times. If you fail, most states have a waiting period of 45 days before you can take it again. The cost is usually around $200.00, and that is for each time that you re-take the test. The test is timed. They give you 6 hours to complete anywhere from 75 to 265 questions. You can have a variety of question formats such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, select all that apply, pictures and graphs.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Good luck in school, Apex. Just do the best that you can right now and try not to sweat the NCLEX. 87% of first-time, US-educated candidates pass the NCLEX on the first try.
  5. by   augigi
    You can check the Pearson-Vue website for most of this info, but:L

    1. Yes the contect you learn in school is a huge part, as is practising questions to get used to the test-taking techniques of NCLEX
    2. How many times you can take the test (I think) depends on the state board you've applied to
    3. If you fail, I believe you must wait 45 days to retest (makes sense, to give you more time to review)
    4. It's around $200 to register with Pearson Vue to take the test
    5. The maximum time is 5 hours, and 265 questions (max)
    6. There are some "mark all that apply", some fill in the answer/click on the body area being discussed. No essays. Mostly multiple choice.